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Body acne

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Think that acne is teenage thing and only appears on the face is wrong. Body acne has the same physiopathogenic that facial acne based ( acne vulgaris ) and, therefore, we risk of suffering anywhere where there sebaceous glands.

It is based on a
surplus of sebaceous material that is not properly absorbed or metabolized by the skin. This may be because the cells are still maturing or because there is an increase of sebum production that has not been properly removed. Consequently, this higher concentration of sebum can block the pores that skin excreted substances such as sweat or secondary metabolization products. This causes inflammation, superinfection and typical acne lesions themselves in different stages: comedones, papules and pustules.

As with facial acne, its etiology is
multifactorial . The most common causes are an increase in hormonal activity , the lack of hygieneA genetic predisposition or exposure to pollutants . These factors can lead to increased production of sebum and, therefore, the appearance of acne.

Although acne located on the face has a
greater aesthetic impact , we must not forget this variety of acne, especially now that summer is coming.
Certain areas are more prone to acne body because they have a higher concentration of sebaceous glands physiologically:

Note that the body skin has a greater thickness and hence greater resistance to injury.
They appear less clusters of small lesions, but it is possible that these are deeper.

The treatment is based on the same pillars that the acne facial. However, personal hygiene takes on special importance.

Given the importance of maintaining the balance of the fat content of the skin surface as a
determining factor in the appearance of body acne, we recommend the following:

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