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Body – Take Care Of Your Skin During The Winter In 5 Steps

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While I gave you some of my tips to take care of his face at the arrival of winter ( ICI ), today I talk about the body with a beauty ritual to adopt to pamper his skin

To maintain a comfortable skin, without peeling and tugging I propose 5 steps that seem important to me in the winter


Do not believe, water is not a pleasant element for the skin, often rich in limestone it participates drying skin just like some cleaners that may contain ingredients “drying”

For that, I recommend you use a shower oil

The texture is royal, sweet to perfection, the composition rich in vegetable oils softens the skin. It is a first moisturizing agent for the skin and in addition it leaves a silky touch! If you want to know more beauty tips for hair, visit WittyFlick



To complete the action of the shower oil, it is necessary to maintain its skin with the application of a daily care

I propose two things: a vegetable oil or a balm / butter comfortable

For vegetable oil, I particularly recommend sweet almond oil, softening, Baobab oil, emollient, Camellia oil, protective, cotton oil, softening and comforting

For vegetable butter, I recommend a vegetable butter of Almond, very nourishing and protective, or a shea butter, or a honey balm, moisturizing and healing


  1. SCRUB

To help the skin to renew itself, a weekly scrub is ideal. In this way, we:

– eliminates dead cells,

– activate the new cells,

– regenerates

– refines skin texture

– and smooth the skin



Give once a week or once every 10 days, a demineralizing break to your body with a thalassotherapy bath at home for that you will need only three ingredients, and you will spend a very pleasant moment of relaxation! I recommend sea salt salt associated with algae: spirulina and chlorella



If you have the possibility, I invite you to go to a quality institute to make a body wrap

Therapeutic properties delivered according to the ingredients of the wrap chosen, you will be coated with a paste (seaweed, mud) and placed (e) in a blanket to fully benefit from the proportions of the wrap.


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