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7 treatments to take care of your hair this summer

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Hi everyone s.
With this heat we
always talk about how to care, protect and moisturize the skin … But what about the hair? Our hair suffers summer conditions and we also treat it . Today I will tell you of some spectacular treatments to care both for us and for them . To perform them in a cabin with professionals and other home.

Professional treatments

CHRONOLOGISTE. It is a technique inspired by the restorative properties of caviar . Hair recovers the original feel and is flexible and soft. For example, colored hair with the sun are too exposed and resected. This treatment is perfect for all who have the hair color.

2.  Keratin and Keratin Express. This treatment is very effective for damaged hair with immediate visible results. The hair is more soft, silky, smooth and shiny and  lasts two to four months (if you have wavy hair and like so, do not do it because it will smooth the curl).

3.  Fiberceutic. It is a capillary refill applied with a syringe into the hair and fills the gaps lacking hydration. It’s hard to explain but the result is fantastic. The hair will be healthy, silky and lasts up to ten washes .

home treatments

4.  super moisturizing. Mix a tablespoon of olive oil and the other lemon juice with your conditioner. Apply to hair and leave it on for about 30 minutes.

5.  Egg Mask and yogurt. Mix an egg with yogurt and whisk well. Apply the mixture on washed hair and leave on for ten minutes once every 15 days and your hair will be healthy and shiny .

6. Capillary lemon based. Boil two lemons sliced in a liter of water for 5 minutes, and filtered water seeps through a sieve. Apply the mixture after the usual sink. Lemon, being an astringent, is an excellent remedy for seborrhea,  especially for thin and greasy hair.

7. Natural Softener. After washing your hair, apply a splash of vinegar for hair. Let it stand for 5 minutes and rinse it well. This simple trick will make your hair have a nice natural glow .

Cabin treatments 

I recommend one of the firms in which I fully trust . Come by Rizos rooms and they will advise you what the ideal treatment.

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