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Calan messages about sunscreen on the beach but not every day – Pharmacy Mail

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It seems that messages about the

importance of sun protection in long exposures.
In fact, nine out of

ten Spanish claims to
use cream whenever you go to the beach and seven out of

ten when she comes to the pool.
They point to the data of study promoted by Delial,
habits and attitudes of Spaniards before the

, a sociological research conducted among more than

2,000 Spaniards from 18 to 65 years, which has been developed to determine if the

Spaniards are equally aware the importance of sun protection

even in everyday activities.

Although the Spaniards

protect beaches and pools, the reality is that passive to exhibit

sun, Spaniards are not aware of the use of sunscreens: although six in ten states that the cream

sun should be part of the daily personal care in times of high

radiation, 59 percent say it does not use daily.

data were presented Thursday in Madrid, in an event organized by Delial

and which has participated Raquel Novo, head of the
Dermatology Service

of Hospital Universitario HM Montepríncipe of Madrid.
In his view, although

the habits begin to change, “we are not

fully aware of the need to protect ourselves in these situations. ”
In this regard, he noted that “the importance

of developing initiatives to explain simply and very graphically the

need to raise awareness about the importance of protecting radiation

sun at any time and situation.
As we use sunglasses to

protect our eyes from day to day, we
should do the same with our

skin. “

Despite the existing awareness

regarding the appropriate time when the cream applied before a

sun exposure, the study shows that only 51 percent of those

polled sunscreen is applied 30 minutes before sun exposure,

while the 44 percent do so at the same time when

arriving at the beach or pool.
The remaining 5 percent is much more compliant

and states apply sunscreen with at least an hour in advance of

sun exposure.
As pointed Novo, “the ideal is to apply

sunscreen at least 30 minutes before exposure to the active

sun, time required for components to
penetrate the skin and make the

desired effect.”

As for the right time that must

elapse between applications, there is
no common consensus among

Thus, 28 percent consider it appropriate to re-apply the

cream every 2 hours, 24 percent say they
do so only “when it

agreed” and 17 percent do so every half hour.
12 percent is

guided by the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) for its re-application, but there are

exogenous factors such as time exposure, the inclination to take into account

the sun ‘s
rays or the geographical area in which you expose yourself to Sun. 19

percent remaining, it reapplies protection once a day (10 per

cent), the more aware they do every half hour (4 percent) and 5

percent say that only applies sunscreen “once day”.

While women

primarily sunscreen applied 30 minutes before sun exposure

(59 percent), men, on the other
hand, are wont to do at the same

time when they are to be
exposed to the sun (44 percent ). By age, those aged 18-29 (50 percent) and 30-44 years

(54 percent) are put cream in advance, while those who

are 45 and older (49 percent) opt in greater numbers by protected with

sunscreen at the same time which will expose to the

business Although there is legislation which

governs the terms of use of cosmetic products (PAO) and in the

packaging of sunscreen is indicated by an illustration of a pot

open, 54 percent of Spaniards do not consider it
necessary to renew from

year to year.
As explained Novo, “open creams may lose

their physical and organoleptic properties and have greater risk of contamination

within 12 months of
its opening. We must also keep in mind

that during the summer solar products exposed to conditions

extreme environmental reaching high temperatures may favor that

creams alter “.

It has also indicated that “one

person for 2 weeks per year exposed to the
sun should actively

use about 200 milliliters of sunscreen.
And for those creams that are

acquired in the final stretch of summer, it ‘s
important to check that their texture

remains consistent and smell continues to
maintain its original flavor “.

As preferred formats

by Spanish, sunscreen spray is preferred by

consulted with backrests 59 percent, while creams

traditional sun milks are second with 37 percent.

In recent positions other formats appear sunscreens as

sun oils and foams or sprays in ‘mist’ (2 percent both).

change in consumer habits against the sun creams and milks

traditional, is backed by one of the most widespread complaints among

all respondents Spaniards and that 6 out
of every 10 Spaniards what most

bothers them when guards applied solar is “the feeling

sticky left on the skin.”

The new formats of sunscreen in

spray also gaining popularity because according to
those consulted with creams

conventional “sand is stuck to the skin is” not feeling

like 34 percent.
Lower percentages in some of the causes

targeted for not apply sunscreen is seen whiter after application

(4 percent) or be less tan (3 percent).

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