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Can skin look healthy even with acne?

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Is your face full of imperfections? Worried about not being able to wear that skin you so desire?

Is it harmful to put on makeup if you suffer from acne? Can I treat my skin imperfections from home? What are the advisable treatments?

Look in front of the mirror and find that terrible grain that adorns our face, is unpleasant. And, many times, it seems very complicated not to fall into the temptation of ending it. Most dermatologists are totally against it, because of the possibility of new infections and marks or scars on the skin.

When those punctual granites appear, what should we do: can they be squeezed or is it better not to touch them? This question haunts many of us is more than one occasion.

If we are not able to resist the temptation and it is impossible not to manipulate this imperfection, we must always do it with extreme hygiene, for example, cleaning the skin before with a cotton impregnated in a little alcohol and between two clean tissues.

In addition, it is necessary to empty the comedo, but, the next day, the imperfection may reappear with the same appearance or even worse, the pharmacist also advises.

Acne, one of the most common skin conditions

Our skin is the clear reflection of the attention we pay to our health. Neglecting the body can lead to a complexion full of inaccuracies and imperfections. In this regard, it is essential to take internal care to achieve and maintain good health, but the external aspect is also important.

The skin, sometimes, can suffer certain problems that require specific care that must be incorporated into the daily routine or even treatment by a dermatologist.

This disease is caused by an alteration of the sebaceous glands. These, when inflamed, cause different injuries around the skin, such as pimples, cysts or pimples.

It is very common to believe that only teenagers suffer from acne problems, but the truth is that many adults also suffer this type of skin alterations, either in the face, or in other parts of the body, such as the back.

Hormonal changes, lack of hygiene, sudden changes in temperature, but also some stress, inadequate nutrition or lack of sleep are the main causes of acne.

Acne, extreme hygiene

To take care of the skin with acne, extreme hygiene is essential. The necessary thing is to unblock the pores to avoid the formation of more injuries. We must keep the pore clean and desinflamado.

When our skin suffers such problems, we must consider that our skin is also inflamed, so it is not advisable to use products that can alter or irritate.

To fight against acne is essential to wash your face at all times. Similarly, extreme hygiene in our hands, especially if things have been handled by many people meet, will be critical.

Treatments to fight against acne

  • Benzoyl peroxide: this ingredient, one of the most used for the treatment of acne, acts quickly eliminating the bacterium that causes its appearance. Should take special care to spread the product, therefore its composition, can stain and discolor clothing.
  • Salicylic acid: reduces inflammation and eliminates dead cells, thus making the effect of an addition, helps to cleanse the skin in depth and regulate the formation of fat.
  • Sulfur: this treatment, one of the oldest, acts by regulating the sebaceous glands, as a bactericide, and decreases inflammation.
  • Tea tree oil: acts as a natural antibiotic, therefore, decreases the appearance of acne and helps heal granites.
  • Mud masks: although they dry the skin, they are very effective since they absorb dirt and act as a disinfectant.
  • Detoxifying treatments ( detox ): the acne outbreak may also be due to an excess of toxins in the body (unhealthy foods, alcoholic beverages, stress and fatigue, etc.). Therefore, sometimes, it is necessary to perform an internal cleaning, through the so-called ” detox treatments “. Milk thistle or milk thistle are available and all those foods that help purify the organism, such as green superfoods .

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