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How can I take care of my skin using natural remedies?

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Clean your face with natural products

Some mask contains basic ingredients whose role is to close the pores. If this is not the case, after removing your mask, you can apply an astringent, and rinse with cold water.

We must never forget to preserve our skin , this sensitive organ that covers our entire body. It is for this reason that we must take care of it. It’s not just about aesthetics, it’s about health. This time, we will focus on how to clean his face, this area known to be so delicate.

We do not need to go to a beauty salon, nor is it necessary to use expensive chemicals to clean and brighten the skin of our face. We can carry out a beauty treatment directly at home with totally natural products.

It is true that cleansing your face is an essential hygienic activity for your body. But it’s not just about this: it’s also a great way to rejuvenate our skin . We suggest you follow different steps to achieve a simple, natural and effective cleaning !

Open pores

As a first step, wash your facial skin with warm water and mild soap. Once we have removed all the surface impurities accumulated during the day, we can open our pores . This is a fundamental step because it is used to prepare the ground before applying our mask to clean the skin. Indeed, the  well-released pores allow our skin to perfectly absorb the products that we will apply later.

We can heat a pot of water until boiling. Then we remove it from the fire, and there is more to add a herb such as lavender, chamomile or green tea Immediately after, we approach our face of the container and we cover our head with a towel, which allows to receive the vapors directly on our face. Two to five minutes will be sufficient for the skin to sweat well.

Exfoliation or peeling

During this step,  we will eliminate dead cells embedded in skin. We will also promote cellular regeneration. Exfoliation, or peeling, also allows us to eliminate scars, prevent the appearance of flaking and promote circulation in the skin. It will always be done once the skin is clean and the pores are open. It is not recommended to skip steps. We can make this peeling using various homemade recipes:

100 g of almonds contain a large amount of vitamin E (26.22 mg). It is a considerable contribution!
100 g of almonds contain a large amount of vitamin E (26.22 mg). It is a considerable contribution!

Almond Peeling:  We mix the following ingredients, then we will keep everything in a clean glass container. This will allow us to apply our treatment several times , for example once a week.

½ cup of sea ​​salt
½ teaspoon of pure almond extract
½ cup of coffee beans
½ cup of large brown sugar
½ cup of sweet almond oil

Coconut and chocolate  peel : Mix the oil well with the sugar and the extracts, until you obtain a homogeneous substance. It will then add the coconut powder and keep everything in a container ready to use.

.- ½ cup of coconut oil
.- 3 teaspoons of pure cocoa powder, no added sugar
.- 1 cup of brown sugar
.- ½ teaspoon of pure coconut extract
.- 1 tbsp. vanilla extract coffee

Lemon and almond peeling:  Avoid mixing this mixture with liquid substances. It will be necessary to prepare it before washing our face with it, and we will stir it with our fingers just before using it.

.- ½ teaspoon of lemon zest
.- ½ cup of sea salt
.- ½ cup of sweet almond oil

When applying exfoliants to our face, it is very important to do it gently. It is necessary to make a circular massage on all the skin of our face, while making a slight pressure. We will use an antiseptic cotton for makeup. In this way, we remove all the dirt present as well as the dead cells. So we can continue our natural treatment after this step.

We can let the dough act for about twenty minutes, then wash our face again with warm water. Right after, we can remove from our skin the pimples and black spots present on our skin. This is the only good time to do this, because in other cases we could damage our skin and thus cause infections.

Face mask

Face mask

Once our skin is thoroughly cleansed, exfoliated and free of impurities, we can apply a natural facial mask. The mask will correspond to the personal needs of each one. There are masks to moisturize dry skin, others to eliminate excess sebum, or to eliminate stains. There are others to close the pores and others that serve to fight the appearance of wrinkles .

We can apply the mask until the product becomes dry. Or otherwise, we can use the same method as that followed during the peeling , that is to say, let the mask act for 20 to 30 minutes, then rinse with warm water. The best thing in this case is to dry the skin by gently tapping it.

There are very simple natural masks to make and apply. What’s more, they are very effective. Here are a few :

Anti-Wrinkle Mask: We mix in a container a cup of seedless cucumber pulp and a raw egg . We apply the mask on all the skin of our face, then we let it act for at least half an hour.

PH Restorative Mask: We use a packet of gelatin , as well as a cup of tomato pulp . We heat the gelatin and then we add the tomato pulp to obtain a compact paste. Once cooled, we apply it all over our face and let it act for about twenty minutes. This is the time needed for the tomato to rebalance the pH while the gelatin tones our skin.

Moisturizing Mask:  The mask is made with one half avocado turned into puree, two spoons of honey and two eggs. We beat the eggs in snow, then we add the other two ingredients. Once the mixture looks like a fine paste, we apply it to our skin. In addition to moisturizing our skin the avocado will help us eliminate scars and hyperpigmentation . We must leave the mask on our face for at least half an hour.

As you can see, there is no need for much to make a homemade mask!  The great advantage is that these masks are completely natural and therefore have no contraindications. Masks will leave your face smooth and your skin soft. Remember to remove the mask with warm water and gently dab your skin to dry.

Close the pores

Once the cleaning is finished, the ideal is to close the pores . In this way, it is avoided to see them fill with impurities. We can do this by applying frozen water on our face, melting some ice cubes for example. If the mask contains tomatoes or cucumbers, you do not need to, because they close the pores of our face themselves.

There are other products that can help close pores, such as green tea, mint or apple cider . These ingredients all have astringent virtues . We apply them on our skin by moistening our face with a towel, then just wait until the product dries. After, we can rinse our face with cold water.

Skin care

Once the cleaning is complete, it must be maintained over time. It is therefore very important to moisturize our skin properly because it should not be too dry or too oily. For this, it is recommended to use a moisturizer adapted to our skin and its specificities. In this way we will avoid drying, itching and even aging of the skin.  We must moisturize our skin daily so that it stays smooth and soft.

We can also develop our own anti-wrinkle moisturizer for very dry skin. This homemade remedy can be stored in the refrigerator for at least three months . But it is better not to wait so long, because the benefits of the cream are especially effective the first days, just after having done. The ingredients are as follows:

– 25 g of cucumber puree
– 25 g of distilled water
– 25 g of jojoba oil
– 25 g of grape seed oil
– 25 g of rose essential oil

Just mix all the ingredients in a rather large container. It will be necessary to beat the mixture, until the oil integrates perfectly with the water and the other products. Keep the mixture in a glass jar. You can now start applying it on a daily basis to enjoy its virtues from day one.

It is advisable to apply it when you leave the shower or the bath, ie when the skin is clean and the pores open. Thus, the wonderful effects of our cream will penetrate more easily into our skin!

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