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Cardiovascular risk and its effect on the skin – Pharmacist Post – Todo Dermo

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The skin is the largest organ of the human body. It is widely known that lifestyle and diet influence the condition of the skin. A lifestyle and unhealthy eating are associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular events (acute heart attack, angina, stroke, etc). In addition, the skin of these people also often look more aged and worn than people who maintain a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle.

  • Some treatments of systemic diseases are useful in the treatment of skin diseases

The skin manifestations are among the signs and symptoms with some systemic diseases present. For example, sometimes the xerosis (dryness) skin and exophthalmos may warn of the presence of thyroid pathology underlying.

Some endocrinological diseases, such as diabetes mellitus or obesity, carry a higher risk of cardiovascular events (acute myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, stroke, etc). Diabetes and obesity are associated with many skin disorders secondary to them: skin xerosis, acrochordons, striae, pseudoacantosis nigricans, etc.


Many skin diseases are associated with the presence of increased cardiovascular risk and / or metabolic syndrome : psoriasis , lupus erythematosus systemic, androgenic alopecia , hidradenitis suppurativa , lichen planus, atopic dermatitis , chronic urticaria , etc. The latest revision of the European Guidelines for the prevention of cardiovascular disease proposed by the European Society of Cardiology and the European Atherosclerosis Society believes that psoriasis and systemic lupus erythematosus are independent cardiovascular risk factors (such as smoking or high blood pressure , for example). 

Based on the currently available scientific evidence, it could come to consider the possible inclusion in future editions other diseases such as hidradenitis suppurativa, polycystic ovary syndrome or alopecia areata. The interrelationship between the skin and cardiovascular risk is also present at a therapeutic level. Certain systemic drugs used to treat certain skin diseases can influence the cardiovascular risk factors: some worse cardiovascular risk (oral retinoids, antihistamines or oral corticosteroids, for example), may have cardioprotective effect (metotrexa for example), etc. Some treatments of systemic diseases are useful in the treatment of skin diseases: antidiabetic (metformin, pioglitazone), simvastatin, etc.


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