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Care for sensitive skin

In Skin Care Tips

The sensitive skin is a type of skin difficult to define, but requires very specific care. Up to 50% of the population suffers from or had sensitive skin as disclosed in this study . Its symptoms range from redness to flaking , and can be produced spontaneously or after undergoing changes acute temperature (excessive cold or moisture) or after the application of products that can be abrasive to this type of skin.

Usually it correlates with a closer look
at the typology
dry skin , so they share some care. Should pay greater attention to the face, and especially in the neck and eye contour , being particularly sensitive areas.

Correct and specific
treatment and care will require:
Thorough cleaning

Due to the large capacity of irritability that have sensitive skin, you should make a facial properly choosing the product and
reducing friction and abrasion to the minimum allowable to produce a proper cleaning. It is recommended to use hypoallergenic products , andcontain no preservatives or sufactantes , because trying to irritants. Furthermore avoid that the formulation specified cutaneous sensory stimulants including or vasodilatory.
Cleaning agents

free cleaners usual soaps for sensitive skin and respecting the integrity of the skin barrier but also produce a feeling of relief somatosensory and restore normal hydration. It is typically used with moisturizing gels without alcohols.
Adequate hydration

Proper hydration after gentle cleaning,
reduces susceptibility to skin irritation and restores the outermost layer cornea . This in turn gives an improved feeling of comfort sensitive skin while reducing the usual annoying itch.
Antiaging creams

One of the usual components of antiaging creams is
salicylic acid which causes skin irritation in sensitive visible. However, a solution to avoid adverse effects that is choose emollients containing sodium salicylate. Its effect is the significant increase in collagen-1 closely associated with the anti-aging and significantly reduce the depth of wrinkles and skin redness.

Other typical components are the hydroxy, also considered very irritants.
Replacing polyhydroxy acids and bionic acids are recommended, as well as offering the benefits of AHAs without causing skin irritation, provide additional antioxidants, reinforcing the skin barrier and have moisturizing effects.

Preventive treatment

is essential that we look what substances or circumstances in the day, aggravate our skin quality.
So we get
specifically adapt our lifestyle getting our skin look bright and healthy .

When you have sensitive skin we recommend you
visit your specialist dermatologist to rule out underlying diseases such as eczema or seborrheic dermatitis. Watch your skin every day!

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