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Care for the skin of the patient with hair transplant – Pharmacist Post – Todo Dermo

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The hair transplant patients have to take extra care in the area, especially at first. “The first ten days should be careful with the receiving area , ” according to a TodoDermo Sofía García Hercilla, supervising director of Dermatologic Medical Institute (IMD) During the three days following the procedure and during that day, “we must keep very well hydrated the receiving area, using each time at least ten saline sprays “.

After the procedure, during the first three days, the implanted follicles are secured “by fibrin (natural glue body), and is the time when the scalp should be more hydrated until the follicles are completely safe from the eighth day “. In the donor area (where the follicles are extracted) “they are created small scabs because the healing process, but hair growth will disguising the extraction process ” tells the director of IMD. The donor area usually heals within two weeks.

  • hair not shave until five months of postoperative

From the second week, he adds, ” the patient can bathe in the sea , provided you use caps or hats for sun protection, but you can not swim in chlorinated pools until the fourth week has passed”, but will not be until after three weeks when you can do sports or physical exertion and if it comes to contact sports, will be held a month after the intervention. “

Regarding the use of dyes or lacquers, the expert warns that “must spend at least a month to use them .” Among other beauty treatments such as haircuts, Hercilla Garcia notes that ” must be done with scissors, no machine , and shave not until five months of post operative”.

If care after treatment has been effective, ” only a small percentage of transplanted hair may be falling and it’s probably because it was already destined to fall before the intervention , ” said Garcia. For daily care, a recommended shampoo with neutral pH .

As a recommendation García Hercilla recalls that “baldness, in many cases, is an androgenic disease and there are drugs to slow or prevent the fall”. In this sense, he explains that vitamins “are very important in hair growth, so you should consider their use.”

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