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Care for your brushes and brushes to last longer

In Hair Care Tips

A soft, flexible bristles can become despeluchados, uncomfortable and dangerous to your skin filaments makeup utensils when they are not treated with the care they need.

All makeup tools require an overhaul so they can do their work perfectly. Brushes and brushes need a thorough cleaning to remove traces of makeup and fat that, which if not removed regularly, end up becoming a nest of germs that can even cause unpleasant bumps by the face appear.

Whether it comes to natural hair brushes and synthetic, must be cleaned. The frequency depends on use, if you maquillas once a week, every 15 days ; and if you do it every day, at least once a week .

In the case of using liquid makeup bases, cream shadows or lip gloss, it is best, at least, rinse after each placing them under running water use.

What if the hair falls out ? Sets with pliers the metallic part of the brushes, the bristles linking with the handle, sometimes is not completely closed, and the hairs are released and fall.

And when the bristles wear ? This, when well cared for , should not happen, but if it happens you just have to cut with small scissors tips to regain a perfect brush.

For those who do not want to give more laps, they can use products specially formulated to clean and sanitize brushes makeup that virtually all makeup brands offer.

Pulverizas with spray cleaner and disinfectant brush, brush or sponge, dry it
with a towel or tissue pulp and voila! ready to be reused again.

If you prefer a DIY (do it yourself – háztelo yourself) choose any night to the next morning, when you go to makeup, are all clean and dry brushes and brushes. In a bowl of warm water add a couple of tablespoons of coffee with a neutral pH shampoo or baby. Dipping Paintbrush, only the part where the hairs are, remove and squeeze gently with your fingers the bristles to release the dirt.

Rinse well and dry with a tissue until all the dirt out.
Tomb brush and brush on a flat surface, may be the sink or tub and let it dry. Never leave the brush with hair hanging in a vacuum because it will deform. It is important to
dry them while respecting their way, neither crushed nor disorderly .

Another very clever way of cleaning is using special gloves brushes , which are made of silicone and whose design has different textures to perfectly match their various functions: cleaning, rinsing, and dryer perfecter.

You know, it is useless to invest in excellent makeup tools, if you do not keep always clean, since you run out of them quickly.


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