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Care of the skin in menopause – Pharmacist Post – Todo Dermo

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Physiological menopause in women is defined as the permanent cessation of menses due to loss of ovarian follicular activity. It is considered physiologically normal when menstruation disappears over 40-45 years old.

Focusing on the changes appear on the skin, we can see that the decline in estrogen index has consequences:

– The skin thins because the growth rate of the epidermis is reduced.

– elasticity decreases, it decreases the production of elastin and network protein fibers in the dermis begins to break.

– Reduces the ability to retain water, whereby it becomes drier because the sebaceous glands become less active.

– Decrease the number of immune cells.

– Appear changes in skin pigmentation.

– Start to marked new wrinkles due to the decrease of antioxidant enzymes such as lacatalasa, superoxide dismutase, and glutathione reductase ascorbyl reductase.

Moreover, androgens regulate sebum production and to increase their concentration:

– Can cause a papulonodular acne.

– even alopecia appears thinning hair,.

– It can be seen facial hair.

Cosmetic formulations are in the market, they focus their target alleviate these alterations that, both aesthetically and physiologically concern to women.

Almost all brands found in our pharmacies offer care lines for menopausal skin .

According to the profile of our consumer tastes and cosmetics, we recommend one brand or another.

The range Neovadiol,  Vichy, is indicated for this stage. Recommend for dry skin or normal / combination skin treatment face day to get help reshape the cheekbones, stylize the neck and define the facial oval.

If our user’s skin is too dry, dehydrated and tight recommend the balm texture or elixir, as it contains a concentrate of revitalizing oils. Intensive treatment at night and cleaning are crucial to help comfort skin and nutrition in depth.

Line Predermine,  Darphin, Substiane,  La Roche Posay and  Ystheal of Avene are also a fantastic alternative.

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