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Care to avoid cracked hands

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Over time, if there is one part of our body that suffers, that are hands. The structure of the  skin  of the hands is not much difference regarding body skin. However, we use them continuously and not always offer them treatment and care they require. 
While it is true that the general structure of hand skin differs little from that we find in other parts of the body, yes 
there are differences  between the back and the palm of the hand. 

The stratum corneum is thicker and robust.
Which is a skin dermis has a higher composition of adipose tissue and contains more connective tissue. When used primarily for pressure, this structure gives more resistance. As you know, no hair and has no sebaceous glands. By contrast, it has a very high density sudoríporas glands. It should be noted that this composition undergoes a continuous deficit moisturizing factors (no fat, but with sweat). 
It is a fine and thin skin because the dermis has practically no fat.
He has few hairs and very few sebaceous glands. These characteristics make it prone to dehydration and to be very little protected against mechanical and environmental stresses. 
Hands may suffer 
dehydration and dryness for many reasons , especially in winter because of environmental elements. Also, if proper care is not performed may appear inflammation, pain and even evolve dermatitis or irritant contact  eccematosa
Among the causes, we include:

recommendations  that we give to protect your hands are based on protection (gloves) and the use of emollients, which help create a protective film on the skin of your hands. 
If you use a 
cream , that is with a high lipid content as an ointment and contains interesting active as urea (hydrates and reduces itching) or Centella asiatica (aids healing), in addition to moisturizing elements (hyaluronic acid or shea), lipids (oils of jojoba, argan or monoi) or vitamins (A, E and B5). Do not forget that your application may be more frequent than other products. For example, use associated to washing. 
If you follow these tips, you’ll look a healthy and moisturized hands.

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