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Caring for the mature skin of a smoker patient – Correo Farmacéutico – Todo Dermo

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When what we want is to moisturize skin, we have to recommend dermo – cosmetic products with assets that provide water to our skin and help us retain and preserve the surface water level so that it restored the water we lose through our skin different causes or external factors. If the skin is mixed and further has impurities use non – comedogenic cosmetics to prevent the occurrence of more impurities and preferably emulsions external aqueous phase (O / W) to have better sensory characteristics not form occlusive film and that provide water to the stratum corneum.

To improve the hydration of this type of skin, we recommend active as hyaluronic acid, proteoglycans and / or substances which are part of the natural moisturizing factor or NMF. Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of our skin tissue has the ability to capture more than 1,000 times its weight in water and therefore give us a good hydration. Proteoglycans are molecules also present in the skin, and among other functions, are responsible for hydration of the same and that, like hyaluronic acid, captan n times its weight in water.

Both active part of the structure of our skin and with age, its synthesis and presence of naturally is decreasing. Topically administered through dermo – cosmetic products we achieve a good level of hydration, even more damaged skin such as this, being a smoker patient . Being hydrophilic molecules and aqueous in nature will not bring any fat, so they are ideal for this type of skin. In addition, it will acquire a smooth, juicy appearance and decrease wrinkle depth thanks to the filling effect of both.

Apart from these assets, also we find that these products contain hydrophilic substances that we recommend maintaining the skin moisturized naturally , these are part of the natural moisturizing factor or NMF, which is part of the hydrolipidic acid mantle. Are amino acids, urea (<10%), PCA, lactates and citrates, uric acid, electrolytes, sugars …

Besides getting a good state of hydration in the skin of the patient in question, it is important to stress upon who is to carry out a protocol suitable cleaning and we have to get remove these impurities and be receptive skin and ready to apply to then treatment. We can also recommend an antioxidant and illuminating routine, for example containing vitamin C and ferulic acid, to mitigate the oxidative damage that snuff produced on the skin and remove sallow and dull appearance characterizes smokers elderly, and get to have a clean, hydrated, bright, juicy, smooth and healthy – looking skin.


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