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Carlota Casiraghi and her makeup: a prodigy of contrasted equilibrium

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I so completely passionate and even slightly decadent have to enjoy the dolce far niente, especially Carlota . It is not only beautiful to rage, but also aware that the overwhelming beauty must be carefully managed, can play as one with contrasts.

I saw it
clear in
your choice of makeup for the wedding.

In the religious ceremony, in broad daylight, he did not hesitate to reinterpret the smoky eye with a touch of eyeliner and gray was in the right amount of sophistication – exercised with discretion. A powerful and perfect to highlight the eyes they hid behind a veil combination. He seemed to say, “yes, no, I teach but while I hide …”

At night, at the party at the Casino de Monte Carlo , again surprised. While other invited all jewelry drew, satins and brilli-brilli, she chose to wear a jewel that can not be bought: its beauty.

Skin simply impeccable , only earrings and face a minimum makeup on highlighting impeccable and glossy complexion , perfectly defined eyebrows (10 to who can get along, they are spotless) and just a gentle touch of eyeliner brown and peach and cognac shade to highlight the blue of his eyes.

And on the lips, just a nude pink. Instead of betting on a perhaps more powerful sophisticated makeup, she played the trick of his youth (another of those gems that can not be bought) and a face that looks like something out of a painting by Botticelli. A smart choice: c hen it is so beautiful, with a little color well applied , is more than enough.

And the girl is clever and has a good eye for the perfect makeup for the perfect occasion, he changed completely just two nights ago look at the parade of haute couture Chanel .

Eyes outlined in black and red, red, red lips . That no one knows wear red as a French – or Monegasque. For the ceremony itself red lips contrasted the informality of a loose hair and a look with a rocker touch of bad girl who is doing very well … Again, it seemed the freshest, most authentic in a parade where Diane Kruger , very pretty, she was somewhat excessive to him.

Even the very young Elle Fanning looked somewhat shabby beside him!

Contrast art is subtle and powerful, and what Carlota handles it

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