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Causes of ‘acne’ that many people overlook.

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Hair may become a cause of acne. If you rinse shampoo and conditioner or hair products from their hair out well. Because our hair is exposed to the side face of us all. This is one of the causes of acne is one that many people overlook.

The sponge brush and touch the window a source of germs and bacteria’s.
Whether to put the camera the better. But eliminating the accumulation of a long day, it becomes a cause of acne. Now, a makeup wipe out many devices. Should be cleaned every two weeks. A little hard to face and clear skin.


Polishing Scrub with brush or wash the windows, it is a process of cleansing required and recommended by experts, that should do it.
To exfoliate the dead skin off. But be careful not to scrub too often. It can cause dryness and irritation. When weak skin blemishes will come easier.


We know there are many young people like to touch your face without knowing it.
Particular time or in a meeting to listen to what a lot of people like to sit chin. In addition to making a character, then It is also the secret that cause acne. Each day, our hands holding nothing more. Sometimes I forget to wash your hands. Mobile has become a source of germs as well. So stop sitting chin now.

Sensitive Skin Facial skin is already over.
But most people, it’s always good to take a towel and wipe it actually is not suitable for meat, towels, face it. People are already used to it without any problems. But if you find yourself with acne and facial tissue this way. Try switching to cotton or other soft tissue, facial tissue for a particular look.

Eating affects the skin as well.
5 groups should eat a meal, and not any one meal. So that the body gets the nutrients and vitamins in its entirety. As well as drinking water It affects the moisture inside the body.

When the body hydrated and get enough nutrients Epii.
It is to nourish the skin healthy. The best acne as a shield.

We held hands throughout the day.
It’s not just a call away. But cell phones are smart phones. We always make an effort to dunk all day. Most people tend to forget that. Mobile screen, it is a source of germs as well.

Nobody will clean the phones often do all day anyway.
Therefore, it is very difficult to avoid the mobile screen clean. But it was not to be attached to the front of the mobile screen time is best.

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