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Celebrity hairstyle secrets with big forehead

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The first idea that comes to mind when it comes to a wide forehead is “get bangs” . Of course it is a simple way to hide the size of the forehead; why many women decide to join the club. However, as apparent good idea because it can be complicated; besides having to choose well “what is yours”, you have to consider if the texture and your hair type are suitable to become the ideal bangs.

It may be that curly, Fosco, little or fine hair will not finish that can offer you so desire. As happens to the famous, not all can wear bangs; In addition to them they love to surprise with their looks have to have other tricks to make your big forehead, sometimes even slightly bulged, it does not become an attraction.

Stylist Sally Hershberger, who has three salons in USA, two located on the Upper East Side and the Meatpacking District of New York and the other in La Cienega Boulevard Los Angeles, received them dozens of famous stars of both sexes They do not hesitate to address them in their footsteps to benefit from this professional art charismatic, who shot to fame when he created for Meg Ryan’s iconic style “shag” (unkempt) still imitating million women around the world.

Sally also usually hair care Jane Fonda, Hillary Clinton, Tom Cruise or Julia Roberts; and she says, ” Many times the amplitude of a front is a special hallmark; so I do not try to hide it . Simply do I have hair around with colors and flattering ways. It gives very good results. ” For the stylist to the stars not to give up any hairstyle for having the very large front ; even can be very tight and her hair up in a ponytail or bun, leaving the front view, it is a matter of applying another series of ruses, such as creating optical effects.

A view shared by Jen Atkin, the great guru of hair that counts among its long list of Vip’s with Kim Kardashiam. She says that there is no rule to ensure that women with broad forehead must comply solely with the aim of cover it , there are many other ways to look pretty.

As hides a wide front

Side Bangs: Tapan only part of the forehead and many styles can be styled with movement. They are very suitable to cover the width of the front face all forms.

Lopsided hairdos:  Are those all hair falls to one side of the face. You have to get the hair is flattened, without showing excessive volume; otherwise, you can give the feeling of accentuating the size of the forehead.

The power of makeup: the trick is to apply a foundation darker than that applied in the rest of the face tone. Or apply some powder on the area a couple of darker than the background tones and makeup with a small brush shading the area go hairline, as if you enmarcaras forehead. As should appear completely matt, because they look a bit bright face, it would add a small and subtle point of light just above the eyebrows and then difuminarlo very well. 

Here are 10 famous with broad forehead showing you how to reverse this trait.


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