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What are some celebrity skin care secrets?

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celebrity skin care secrets

There are some tricks that the famous ones use to preserve youth. (Photo Prensa Libre: Hemeroteca PL).

Stop the passage of time to show a beautiful and young face is essential for the stars of film and music, so invest large amounts of money in their appearance is paramount.

Some celebrities choose to go to the operating room or use aesthetic treatments such as Botox to correct imperfections on their face, although they do not always achieve good results.

Others prefer to resort to non-invasive products and techniques that are unconventional and even scandalous … beauty is worth it.

But not only the face deserves care, they also care about wearing a spectacular body, and undergo intense exercise routines and diets to look radiant.

The elixir of youth is the obsection of some stars. (Photo Prensa Libre: Hemeroteca PL).

In this edition we present some secrets and tricks of famous as Sandra Bullock, named by People magazine as the most beautiful woman of 2015; Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham, Lady Gaga, Salma Hayek and Shakira, who despite giving birth to their second child in January this year, boasts his slender figure.

Beauty treatments


  • Every night, the face is removed with products that contain vitamin C.
  • Salme Hayek’s daughter was a cute little girl, but her current appearance is incredible. Sponsored
  • Apply sunscreen on the face before leaving home.
  • To recover the figure after your second pregnancy practice boxing, dancing, tennis or go to the gym
The Colombian singer attends the gym regularly to maintain her figure. (Photo Prensa Libre: Hemeroteca PL).
  • Wash your face three times a day with cold water to tighten the skin and perform exfoliations with diamond powders to remove impurities.
  • Emilia Urquiza (Kate del Castillo) is the first Mexican lady. Sponsored
  • Another of his tricks is to smell grapefruit oil to reduce appetite.
  • Does not consume carbohydrates after four in the afternoon, and exercises constantly.

Jennifer Lopez at 46 years old looks a slender figure. (Photo Prensa Libre: Hemeroteca PL).

Victoria Beckham

  • To maintain the lush face uses sheep placenta, rich in nutrients that reduce wrinkles, sagging, spots and moisturizes the skin. They can also be used on hair.
  • His figure is achieved with high-intensity cardiovascular exercise combined with high-impact weights and abs.


The face of Victoria Beckham receives the nutrients of sheep's placente. (Photo Prensa Libre: Hemeroteca PL).
  • Drinkable uses Kreation’s Juicekription Shot injection improves hair, nails and skin. This treatment contains green tea, silicon, zinc and boron. They include green tea, silicon, zinc and boron.
  • Everyday a facelift performed -FACE stretch using tape.

Sandra Bullock

  • To eliminate inflammation, pockets are created under the eyes and crow’s feet actress uses hemorrhoid cream.
  • Pilates-based training and balanced diet allows you to keep your figure.

Salma Hayek

  • To keep tabs spectacular uses mamey seed oil, which also uses hair.
  • It uses skin made from the bark of tepezcohuite, rich bush in tannic acid products

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