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Characteristics of mature skin

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It is true that time has an effect on our skin. As the years pass, the skin undergoes alterations and progressively lose certain features. But what are the traits that determine a mature skin? How can we identify?

main features a mature skin loses the effect of aging are the flexibility and elasticity . Decreases progressively from its consistency becomes more fragile, thinner, you can have a rough feel and appear the dreaded wrinkles , accompanying lines more marked expression.

Mature skin suffering from
decrease in their ability functional physiologically. The regeneration process becomes increasingly deficient, and therefore cells require more time to renew the layers, especially the outermost portion: the stratum corneum.

Because the regeneration process has a lower quality, it is observed as the
main consequence acquired a
skin more sensitive to external factors and requires more nutritious bioelementos . Therefore, it will be more susceptible to factors environmental , to poor care or habits, inadequate food, alteration of sleep-wake rhythms or the dreaded stress, among others.

We must take into account the effect produced by
ultraviolet radiation . The photoaging is also a recurring motif, as it accelerates cell regeneration unhealthy way. Ultraviolet radiation cause tissue damage to the basal layer of the skin and increase cell division processes but abnormally. Therefore, they are associated with early onset of skin lesions : because abnormal cellular agglomerations occur, is given aging premature and pigmented lesions can become precancer.

It is true.
It is likely that the level of tissue damage does not correspond to your age, which, although it is a key component, is not alone. There are also many factors that have to do with the
individual characteristics of the skin and its aging process .

However, we must consider our skin, especially the face, requires
daily care to prevent dehydration and malnutrition, leading to a process of premature aging . Prevention should start intensively from age 35 on average to start skin care more closely, and thus prepare and prevent more difficult to solve future damage.

Therefore, mature skin is no ballast, but the natural consequence of the passage of time.
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