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Chronic urticaria: cosmetics and perfumes are not contraindicated but you have to be alert – Pharmacy Mail – Todo Dermo

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“In chronic urticaria using cosmetics or perfumes is not contraindicated but by intense itching and Chronic urticaria (hives) widespread suffering these patients means they can not apply them , ” says a TodoDermo Marta Ferrer Puga, Director of the Department of Allergology the University Hospital of Navarra , on the occasion of the world day of this disease which is celebrated on 1 October.

To prevent adverse reactions, często Carapuig, pharmaceutical holder in Carapuig Pharmacy in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Barcelona, recommends ” avoid scented cosmetics and wear makeup without parabens or perfumes ” and when to use colonies “better to put them on clothes and not on the skin. ” On the use of cosmetics María Eugenia Miguel, pharmaceutical Trebol Pharmacy in San Sebastian de los Reyes in Madrid he adds: “If the causative agent of urticaria is known there avoid contact with it, it is best to discard the use of any irritant or potential allergens and use hypoallergenic products . “

These guidelines are important considering that this skin condition is more prevalent in women , “has a clear predominance of females, the approximate ratio is 3 to 1. The reason for this gender distribution is unknown, but it makes sense because at least part of the patients can prove an autoimmune mechanism and these diseases are more prevalent in women , “Ferrer said. This expert notes that “among young people the prevalence is higher in women , ” although age, the segment most affected population is between 35 and 50 years.

In the pharmaceutical advice in patients with chronic urticaria , Miguel remembers that “to reduce itching and outbreaks is important to keep the skin in good condition with the application of moisturizing, nourishing and emollient lotions with sodium lactate, urea or allantoin that enrich the water content of epidermal structures and regenerate the natural hydrolipid skin “. Moreover, Carapuig further suggests “using mild soaps or perfumes paraben or allergen” also warns that “for laundry softeners and must avoid blocking detergents that may produce reactions”.

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