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“Coconut Oil” Tips, Bold Bang Bang Hollywood

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Coconut is planted for a long time in Thailand.
Renowned as a versatile tree for Life or Tree of Life because the coconut can be used anywhere. And coconut oil is partly extracted from the fruit. We are convinced that without chemical additives. It does not have to pass through various chemical processes for purification. Or even how to bleach. Or to eliminate any smell because the fatty acids in coconut oil are very small molecules that can be absorbed immediately.


We will see that these Hollywood Celebrities Charity many people are attracted to anything.
“Coconut” and each has tips on how to use it. “Coconut” beauty and health, however, is.


Model, Global said.
“Coconut” is one of the secrets to her success. She says it is the key that makes her beautiful. Hair shiny and slender shape eats “Coconut” 4 teaspoons a day, and put in a salad. To cook or put in a cup of green tea. And this allows her to come back as a super model in a few months after the birth of her first child in 2554


guru in the exercise.
Coconut oil helps strengthen the immune system in her book title. “Control the change food into energy,” and she has additional menu for fried food. Consisting of coconut oil, 1 tablespoon cold distilled the key participants with all major food and feed.


Celebrity Reality Show
Coconut oil, refined evening with the quality of the hair to protect hair, making it shiny as claimed StyleBistro.com “Kourtney’s menu consists of avocado, mayonnaise, eggs, olive oil and castor oil. Coconut oil I used this formula once a month, ”


actor Oscar.
Coconut oil is to add moisture to the skin. The detoxification with magnesium sulfate (Epsom Salt) muscles back to life and firming the skin while bathing. Using gloves, scrub To stimulate the skin and leave it soft and without blemish, mole. After taking a shower, it is removing the skin with coconut oil


super model with organic skin care products called “C’s” with coconut oil is the main ingredient of the drug.
She used coconut oil to moisturize the skin firming.


Use coconut oil for breakfast on a regular basis.
News from Grazia magazine claims that “it is common knowledge that Angelina began the day with 1 teaspoon oil over a moderate and cereals. It does not surprise me that she became routine with coconut oil, “which is eating coconut oil before meals regularly. Helps maintain weight By helping you feel full and eat more than your body needs.


She is devoted to the nutrients in coconut oil.
(Nutrient coconut oil is a diet with coconut oil as a main component) because the nutrients in coconut oil are low carb. Accelerate metabolic effect. And weight loss as well.


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