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Tips to take care of your skin in winter

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Cold, wind, sudden contrasts in temperature and decreasing fluid retention during the coldest months of the year cause dehydration and unusual vasoconstriction in our body. The union of all these adverse elements, brings devastating consequences for our skin, ranging from a slower desquamation more pronounced by increasing the accumulated dead cells exfoliation, as well as premature aging of the main natural barrier of our body .

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To counteract the harmful effects of winter on our skin, nothing better than to get in the expert hands of Nivea products:

  • For mature skin look younger, radiant and defined look, Nivea offers Line Vital Triple action That visibly reduces deep wrinkles, helps restructure the skin and prevents stains.
  • To redefine and reshape the contours of the face, the line Nivea Visage Expert Lift is perfect, offering visible results from the first day thanks to its Reconstructing restful day and night care offered action. How? Thanks to Bioxilift anise extract, hyaluronic acid and its filters UVA.
  • To achieve an overflowing skin visibly reduce life and deep wrinkles,  Nivea Visage DNAge Renovador Cell  day, enriched with Folic Acid, Creatine and sunscreens FP15 provides anti-aging care with rejuvenating high efficiency.
  • Line Nivea Visage Anti-wrinkle Q10 plus , now enhanced with increased UVA protection and FP15, formula increases the natural Q10 level in the skin, combat wrinkles from inside and smoothes the skin visibly. In addition, this line has just added two new products: the Cleansing Milk Q10 that cleanses and purifies the skin, while the smoothes and softens, and Day Care Colored Q10 , which provides a natural touch of color.
  • To moisturize the skin, Nivea Visage offers its line of Essential , composed by 3 creams suitable for every skin type different textures: Care Nourishing day , which intensely nourishes dry and sensitive skin; Moisturizing Day Care , which provides moisture and freshness for normal and combination skin and Cream Gel Gloss Control , Which regulates the level of fat in the skin and reduces glare.

Decalogue to protect the skin from the cold and snow

1. Apply  sunscreen  before each sun exposure and maintain skin hydration

2. pamper 
lips  with a good protective sunscreen 

Reapply  the sunscreen every two hours to avoid losing effectiveness 

4. Protect your skin even a 
cloudy days because clouds let through most of the ultraviolet radiation 

5. If used 
up  in the mountains, containing sunscreen 

6. Enhanced 
hydration  face at night with ultra-nutritious products and super-moisturizing 

7 . Pay more attention to your
 nose and cheekbones , the most prominent face and previously burned areas 

8. Do not neglect the 
eyes : goggles are recommended to protect 100% of UVA, UVB and blue visible 

9. Caring 
hands  with products specifically designer to combat the effects of cold and moisture 

Hydrate well the body  to counteract the lack of oxygenation suffering through the use of outerwear and exposure to ambi artificial entities 

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