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Cold sores: avoid contagion is the best treatment – Pharmacy Mail – Todo Dermo

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Herpes simplex labialis is a common disease caused by herpes simplex virus ( HSV ). According to the team of the Dermatology Department of the University Hospital of Valencia and members of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (Inés Escandell-González, Andrea Allende-Garcia, David Ayala-Alcázar y Esperanza Jordá-Cuevas), the sub – type HSV-1 it generates “more than 80 percent of orofacial herpes in the area.” It appears as a painful vesicular eruption that crusts, causing cosmetic disfigurement and psychosocial disorders. “There is no cure available and is repeated periodically” incident Enrique MascarósSpecialist Health Center Fuente de San Luis (Valencia). Infection usually occurs within 20 days after infection. “Their symptoms are relatively mild and consist of small blisters that become painful and irregular ulcers . Can last up to three weeks and symptoms are itchy lips or around, burning and tingling , “says Natalia Olmo , pharmaceutical College of Pharmacists of Ciudad Real.

It is highly contagious and can be extended to any area of skin or mucosa of the body or even other people, because as you remember from the Clinic of Valencia, “the transmission of HSV can occur both during the episode of infection and asymptomatic periods. Therefore, the first step to healing is to prevent infection . ” Health and dietary measures should take into account ” are based largely on typical triggers outbreaks (cold, heat, stress, decreased defenses ….) As well as hormonal changes.” As an example, infections such as flu or colds entail a reduction in defense causing their appearance.

Food influences

Olmo advised “not to touch the affected area or share the same utensils and have good oral hygiene.” Also, getting enough sleep ; reduce stress emotional, and use sunscreen on the lips during summer and winter also helps. The pharmaceutical emphasizes the importance of a balanced diet , “avoiding foods rich in arginine (chocolate, nuts, seeds and cereal grains) and enhancing the rich in lysine (fish, chicken, beef, lamb, milk and cheese) “.

  • Experts point out the importance of avoiding foods rich in arginine and lysine increase those can improve herpes

As reported by experts, there is a relationship between the severity of primary infection and frequency of recurrences, and these are more common with increased severity of the first episode. In most cases, pharmacists are often the first to care for these patients , since usually only go to their doctor after the onset of complications.

Olmo affects the referral to the physician should be ” immediately before the recurrence of herpes symptoms or continue visible after two weeks; in the presence of a bacterial infection, and to spread to other areas of the skin, especially eyes or patients with weakened immune system or autoimmune diseases “.

various options

It is important to know that “after two or three weeks, the lesions disappear spontaneously ” note from the Clinic of Valencia. Still, there is treatment. Among classical approaches, Olmo out “the patches for ague ” (which do not act on the virus, but help control symptoms, promote healing and reduce the risk of infection), and ” liquid dressings , the gels and creams reparative “. Furthermore, pointing from the Clinician “are drugs for treatment whose main use is to shorten the duration of lesions, reducing the associated pain and reducing the number of recurrences.” Among them are, “the antivirals , which help reduce pain, symptoms do disappear faster and work better when they start warning signs , ” said Olmo (acyclovir, famciclovir, valaciclovir); topical antivirals, useful 72 hours to shorten the outbreak (topical acyclovir 5 percent) or the combination of antiviral antiinflammatory and analgesic (reduce discomfort) “.

However, according Mascarós, there is a recent review published in Cochrane entitled Interventions for preventing cold sores , which concludes that ” long – term administration of oral antiviral agents can prevent cold sores, but the clinical benefit is little. While tests on topical antiviral agents and other interventions do not show efficacy or may not confirm their effectiveness in preventing cold sores “. Although this is still recommended its use on many occasions.

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