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Composition of the serums – Pharmacist Post – Todo Dermo

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A serum or serum is a cosmetic formula which differential characteristics regarding a cream is its highest concentration in active cosmetics and greater penetration into deeper layers of the skin.

Usually gels or cremigeles, that is more fluid and easily absorbed textures , even if it is true, we find certain character moisturizing serum have a higher density and a less smooth texture. Usually non – comedogenic and those that are oriented normal skins, mixed and greases they are formulated with an aqueous base and those more oriented to dry skin with an oily base so as to provide greater nutrition to our skin.

A recommendation for a mature, acne and skin marks, we can opt for a serum with 10% glycolic acid to accelerate the capacity of natural skin renewal; I apply at night and before the usual cream and remember it is important to use sunscreen in the morning.

We can also recommend a serum or ampoule treatment with a combination of alpha hydroxy acids (glycolic acid, lactic acid, citric acid or malic acid), with which get microexfoliar skin and eliminate small marks and redness, promote cell renewal and standardize skin texture.

If we look treat postinflammatory redness that remains on the skin after removal of the acne lesion can recommend a serum with 2% dioic acid as this, besides being an active seborregulador, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation reduces. It would also be interesting to look for active and azelaic acid , which is seborregulador and homogenizes the skin tone and salicylic acid to the skin microexfolia, clean the pores and has keratolytic action.

The recommendation of any of these assets or a combination of several must be accompanied by cosmetics that provide AGU to and hydrate the skin and sunscreen during the day.

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