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Contagious molluscs, more precaution in children with atopic dermatitis – Pharmacist Post – Todo Dermo

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Contagious mollusks are one of the diseases most common skin in children , a figure that increases when there atopic dermatitis : “This disease is a risk factor when contracting a contagious mollusco because the skin loses some of its ability as barriers and defenses are lower , “he told TodoDermo Marina Rodriguez, a dermatologist at the Hospital Chiron in Tenerife. In addition, “the use of topical corticosteroids and calcineurin inhibitors accentuate this situation , ” qualifies Eduardo Lauzurica, a dermatologist at the Hospital October 12 in Madrid.

  • The skin loses some of its ability as a barrier and defenses are lower

This disease is an infection of viral origin caused by viruses and poxviruses, although, according to Rodriguez, “there are two subtypes , ” both produce the same type of injury. “This virus is characterized by its growth is limited to the epidermis and rarely affects mucosa , ” says Lauzurica. The main symptom “is the appearance of reddish papules in the folds of the skin , the most common locations are the holes in the arm and behind the knees”. Rodriguez points out that there are some differences if the child suffers from atopic dermatitis : “In these cases, lesions can appear anywhere in the body and also characterized by intense itching and the appearance of eczema”.


Both experts recommend avoiding scratching to avoid spreading the infection for the rest of the body and spread to other children. In fact, in children ages this is the main route of infection because “children do not stop touching , ” says Rodriguez. Dermatologist notes that “the prevalence increases in children under 5 years and decreases at 12, without differentiating between the sexes”. However, “if the adult is completely different because it is considered a disease of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).” In adults, “in 90 percent of cases the route of transmission is sex and injuries occur on the genitals”.

Other routes of transmission in adults are direct contact with the children and that they are infected, sharing towels and Machinery gyms . About virus resistance, Lauzurica out: ” It has developed an efficient mechanism for growth in infected cells and has adapted very well to the human host.”


Rodriguez explained that cases Rebound in summer due to the influx of pools where children are more in touch with each other and the skin is exposed . “Other risk factors are humidity and climate in summer , ” he adds.

Both specialists indicate that the prevalence is higher in immunosuppressed patients such as cancer or diabetes.

  • The prevalence is higher in immunosuppressed patients such as cancer or diabetes

For prevention , especially at this time, Rodriguez advises “a good daily hydration , especially in children with atopic skin, to restore the protective function of the skin.” In the case of atopic dermatitis, is recommended ” to have eczema under control , ” he adds.

The photoresist is also important to avoid sunburn: “These injuries weaken the skin is more exposed to future infections , ” recalls Rodriguez. Another effective measure would “cover the affected skin areas to avoid direct contact with skin.” In addition, both experts recommend “go to the dermatologist at the first signs”.


Lauzurica and Rodriguez explained that there are different ways of treating Molluscum depending on its severity and the characteristics of each patient.

So they exist topical treatment that are “chemical solutions that cause sunburn mollusk”. Some of them are based composite potassium hydroxide, trichloroacetic acid, benzoyl peroxide, retinoic acid, penol or cantharidin, among others.

Another option is curettage that “is to remove them with a sharp spoon”. This technique “requires anesthesia and can leave scars in the skin”, experts.

Cryotherapy is “the application of liquid nitrogen into each lesion and can be repeated weekly if necessary”.

Finally, photodynamic therapy is a treatment in which “first mollusk with acetone and is cleaned after 12 to 24 hours, a light source is applied for 16 minutes”.

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