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Contouring beyond makeup

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Its aim is to ‘make a new face’ with professional technique, which so far only enjoyed the famous, thanks to their makeup artists header. But now you can also joining the ‘Contouring’ and sculpt your face makeup base. 

Has been Kim Kardashian and her sisters have given notoriety to this type of makeup publishing images of the steps in their blogs and their Instagram accounts. But for experts it is technical , which becomes part of the makeup of characterization is an essential pillar of his office .

The ‘contouring’ or flashover along with the ‘highlighting’ or lighting gets a true highly favorable effect . It is as if you were doing makeup you yourself effect ‘photoshop’ skin, making a play of light and shadows in certain areas of the face , which can also lead to neck and décolleté. There is a diagram universal and generic Contouring playing with dark tones and other illuminators on the skin for modeling and styling factions, with which amazing results.

It is offering a basic idea of the play of light and shadows to achieve the desired look, but this technique three – dimensional makeup must be completely customized to fit each person . Also it is not recommended for use in daylight , unless not overly dark tones are applied and a thorough blur done. 

Alberto Lloret, makeup maestro r explains the basic steps to give you your ‘face contouring’:

  1. Select the products that go to work. It should not contain pearlescent or glitter, or red or orange shades .
  2. Apply foundation to standardize the foot l. This step is critical, because if the skin is not homogeneous, the technique does not work.
  3. Begins using darker shades for contouring, and extend them by areas you want to sink or hide or so that it can shine over the area around. Usually applied just below the cheekbones toward the ear, in the outline of the jaw, temple and forehead at the hairline . For nostrils and movable eyelids, better to use a slightly darker shade softer but only one or two darker than your skin color tones.
  4. The Claritas tones will work ‘highlighting’. The areas to be illuminated are from the center of the forehead, through the nasal septum, just above and below the eyebrows, on the cheekbones , around the lips , the chin and the area has remained in the shadows of cheekbones and temples.
  5. To dither usually can be done with fingers, but can be used brushes and also, the best, the magic sponge Beauty Blender , created by two makeup artists in Hollywood Rea Ann Silva and Veronica Lorenz, focusing on the idea that a good makeup only achieved with a perfect blur.
  6. Apply blush color that suits you . Best apply it using small circular area touches on cheekbones protruding when you smile with your mouth closed.

We suggest you try it, sure that after several failed attempts (it’s not easy!), You will achieve your purpose.

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