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Cosmetic surgery, tips before submitting to an intervention

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We seek perfection, and found in cosmetic surgery. A little chest, tweak the nose, remove cellulite, reducing stomach … Here are some examples of operations that are usually done in our country. We want to be more beautiful, and paid for it. 

But keep in mind that all is not gold that glitters . Not all designers have learned in school, and if they’re going to do is a suit, no problem, but if the scalpel will touch your body, pay attention to the professionalism of the doctor.

It is true that sometimes we seek the most economical, and more in times of crisis, but you know the saying, sometimes cheap is expensive. So when you go to submit to surgery, do not hesitate to seek and dig to find the best for you.

The Spanish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, (SECPRE ) has developed the first Decalogue before undergoing surgery plastic surgery advice. It aims to explain and raise awareness of the need to accept plastic surgery as a medical and surgical specialty with its risks and benefits. 

They also recommend selecting a plastic surgeon specialist official title and warn that intervention should take place in a hospital or clinic with all necessary resources for any emergency. Follow all advice before undergoing any procedure. 

Decalogue of advice before undergoing plastic surgery

1. It is essential to select a plastic surgeon specialist official title . It would also highly recommended that you have a specialty manifested in the experience. The website  can help you find. All members of the Spanish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (SECPRE) offer excellent vocational training.

2. From the first visit , the patient should be explored, evaluated and reported by the plastic surgeon who will perform the procedure and never by a commercial agent. Distrusts the free information visits and strictly commercial deals.

3. The intervention should be performed in a hospital or clinic that has all the necessary resources to meet any possible emergency situation. In addition, it should be performed in an operating room having all the required safety and hygiene measures.

4. Before any intervention is needed patient preoperative tests such as electrocardiography, laboratory and radiological studies. Thus it is found that there is no medical contraindication to perform the operation and accessed the operating room with the maximum required information.

5. The patient will have to sign a consent document once considered knowledgeable and have understood the doubts about the intervention that will be submitted and the objectives to be achieved with it.

6. All medical team working with the plastic surgeon must have its corresponding formal qualifications.

7. Any intervention ambulatory surgery or surgery with general anesthesia d ebe have the presence, in the operating room, the anesthetist a qualified and entitled.

8. Some operations require the patient in the clinic or hospital and not others. Yet in both cases the monitoring and review of the patient is necessary during the postoperative process.

9. The evolution of the patient after surgery should be performed by
qualified personnel
under the supervision of responsible or plastic surgeon himself. After a medical discharge the patient must have a report that the operation practiced and tips to follow in the future detail.

10. We must have the time needed to make the right decision. If you have doubts, you have to resolve before surgery and can even ask for a second opinion from another professional. Never rush or take the decision in exceptional situations.

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