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Cosmetics with pheromones, a new way to seduce with style

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Strawberry is the first Chilean store market these products, which stimulate couples naturally, it encourages them to use their senses in an entertaining way.

Seduce is something we love;
the ability to attract a person and let our feet is one of the things that most women enjoy. However, at certain times or stages of our lives this gift can waver. But as the nature and cosmetics are wise, they wanted to lend a helping hand and invented beauty products with pheromones.

Pheromones are chemicals that people secrete in order to attract the person they want, ultimately are the scents that attract the opposite sex . This works with Strawberry , the first store sensual cosmetics in our country.

The premises located in Alonso de Córdova reach young and mature women, but usually they do in the
company of her friends, has Macarena Pizarro, one of the partners, who adds that -independent age- girls are daring greatly use other techniques to improve your love life, because the daily routine warrants.

That is the idea that has
Fresa : be an aid in the lives of women but full: “The products we sell contain pheromones, but in a functional sense; with lead attraction in man they serve to reaffirm the skin, or moisturize. Because what we want is that these women cosmetics consolidate their femininity, raise their self – esteem and this will stimulate and enrich your sex life “ , highlights Pizarro.

In this new store ,
one can find everything from flavored oils for massage, until very sexy lingerie. It is a very intimate space where customers can try out each of the things you need.

With that aim to
promote the person explore with your partner senses, so offer many substances with striking flavors and odors.

One of the flagship products is the brightness
Kissaholic , containing the “love molecule”, scientifically known as phenylethylamine. This is a substance that our brain releases when we’re in love. “Aside from having nutrients for our lips, this molecule allows us to feel a sense of happiness, of love, which helps us feel radiant , ” says Macarena.

There are six different flavors: mint, pear, passion fruit, Granada, vanilla, cinnamon and blackberry honey ($ 10,000).
You can put on the usual to highlight the sensuality of women lipstick.

It is also the pheromone perfume . This should be applied to the parts you want your partner feel. You can find it in your sandalwood version ($ 20,000) or cocktail of berries ($ 15,000)

There is
also a
line without pheromones , for couples who dare to use touch, smell and taste: flavored oils (between $ 12,000 and $ 15,000) , lubricating gel massage and flavored $ 13,500, cosmetic powders skin lightening ($ 14,000), strawberry flavored cream, chocolate and vanilla ($ 13,500).
* All items sold here are hypoallergenic and have been previously tested.

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