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Cream cleansers could occlude the pores of the skin – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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“The Cleansing cream do not recommend them for any skin as being a very heavy vehicle, leave oily residue on the skin and occlude the pores fatten the epidermis, even in dry skin.” Says Florence Durán , professional make – up artist.

Wide variety of carriers, this is the only one that discourages professional who recognizes that to know what desmaquillante respects more healthy skin, you must know the skin type of the person, since this depends on using a type or another.

Much choice from the more common as water or lotion and some as foam, gel, emulsion or milk, cream, wipes and bar soap . ” It is important that the product has active ingredients that hydrate if the skin is dry or controlling sebum if fat.” Reveals Duran.

Thus, for oily and combination skin recommends the use of water or lotions, since cleaned without leaving greasy residue. Soap could also be used in bar, but as the expert explains, “you can get to resect a lot and leave the skin taut.”

In the case of normal skin , as indicated and which prevents residues are residues of fatty makeup removers gel and foam, which also moisturize skin such. Emulsions or milk are used more for dry skin and fine. “They are a good choice because not only cleanse the skin but also moisturizes , ” recommends Duran, “and for this type of skin could also use water, foam or gel.”

Another handy option is the make – up removal wipes , although not the best, as they tend to dry the skin. However, Duran acknowledges that “today, the wipes market has advanced and has become more sophisticated, so we can find classified by skin type and need.”

Also keep in mind the desmaquillantes eyelid . Balms are ideal for dry eyelids as for eyelids normal to dry skin biphasic, compositions that are oil and water are recommended. And for oily skin eyelids, which are based on water to leave no oily residue.

Faced with so much variety, there is always a carrier that is used more frequently. The makeup artist considered ” micellar solutions, gel and emulsion are the three most used” .

The desmaquillante not only has the function of removing makeup, it helps remove some of the impurities that the face takes all day, so, Duran invited to “both women makeup as those who do not use this product. “

To remove the makeup properly must use a cotton ball or soft facial sponge to the touch. “Doing without pressing, ie, gently, so as not damaging the skin causing erythema.”

In the eye area, it is necessary to impregnate a cotton pad with a specific product for this area. Cotton outward eye, without stretching the skin moves, and the action is repeated until the makeup disappear completely. Then a tissue is passed to dry the excess and, finally, an emulsion cleaning to finish removing dead cells and impurities that remain in the skin becomes.

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