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Initially, I recommend using creams with retinoic acid since it is much more effective than retinol. Both are derivatives of vitamin A.  Retinol is the alcohol forms of vitamin A and retinoic acid form is the same.

The retinoic acid is more irritating than retinol, but is the only product that has proven effective in the grooves, since it is able to generate an active new collagen.

The important thing to not leave unsightly stretch marks is to hydrate the skin with creams containing oils such as rosehip, gotu kola, vitamin E, etc.

Retinoic acid prescription needed and can be formulated together with other active as glycolic acid, by applying stretch marks, can increase collagen production and improve skin elasticity. The topical use of glycolic acid is safe during pregnancy, unlike retinoic.

During treatment with these assets :

– Avoid sun exposure during treatment with retinoic acid creams.

– To prevent worsening the old stretch marks on the affected area using a sunscreen with SPF 50 +. If the sun protection is taken, the spline is concealed tans.

– Do not use retinoic acid if pregnant or lactating. This can cause very serious birth defects.

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