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Cushion the latest trend in makeup

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This new format is the only one who can enjoy all the benefits of a liquid makeup, with the bonus that adds the convenience of a compact makeup.

Compact cushion is called the  light makeup good coverage with high sunscreen,  with which consumers of beauty products and cosmetics are proving feel excited. The same women who have always dreamed of getting a perfect makeup finish ‘glow’, ie bright, not bright, and voila! with the ‘cushion’,  and have the effect of homogeneous, juicy and long – lasting radiant skin , applied easily and allows few tweaks are needed.

Doing a bit of history, this kind of makeup, like many other treatments and products, comes from Korea, a country that is beginning to be very considerate to beauty level in Europe. Although it is right now when it starts its popularity, the ‘cushion’ already has a few years; what happens is that it was from the launch of Lancome Miracle Cushion when it has become an essential. Until then there was not much encouraged to try and acquire Asian beauty products consumers; Now the war is on and cushion and other interested brands are appearing in this format offer to their followers.

Your application system is inspired by stamping pads that are used to seal letters and documents. The ‘cushion’, is a pad or sponge made from polyurethane specially designed with antimicrobial effects. enabling hygienic use, which supports up to nine times its weight in water; It has small holes to 800,000 and when pressed, is through them that the makeup evenly filtered. 

Roberto Siguero, the make up national artist of Lancôme, it noted that the system ‘cushion’ has, among other advantages, to provide a comfortable refreshing feeling : “the application with fingers or brushes background makeup helps to raise the temperature and It gives warmth to the skin of the face, while using the sponge has the ability to make thermal insulation that adds an immediate freshness “. 

From here we propose six formats ‘cushion compact’  to encourage you to experiment with this new way of makeup, easy, convenient and secure.

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