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Cutaneous infections: frequent, varied and with an effective treatment – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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Cutaneous infections are a frequent complaint both pediatric dermatology and pediatrics primary. In fact, the latest data provided by the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV), 20 percent of pediatric dermatology consultations are due to these pathologies.

  • Skin infections without systemic symptoms affecting the superficial layers of the skin are usually treated with topical anti-infectives.

The ease with which spread and the frequency with which children have skin lesions are the main reasons why these diseases are so prevalent among children.

Precisely analysis of these infections has been the focus around which is made Consensus Document on the etiology, diagnosis and treatment of bacterial skin infections outpatient management, published in Annals of Pediatrics January this year and jointly developed by the Spanish Society of Pediatric Infectious Diseases (PFIC), the Spanish Association of Primary Care Pediatrics (AEPap) and the Spanish Society of Pediatric Outpatient and Primary Care (SEPEAP).

“The pediatric skin conditions are, along with parasitic infections (lice and scabies), queries that are most often primary , ” says Fernando Moraga-Llop, president of the Catalan Society of Pediatrics and a member of the group who drafted The document.

The typology of these childhood infections is wide and varied. According to the causative agent, can be bacterial, viral and fungal infections. “Of these three bacterial usually the most common and are caused by the two most prevalent bacteria: the Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyogenes , ” said the expert.

  • “Handwashing and hygiene are extreme two simple gestures that are very useful”

As explained in this document, the major risk factors when developing these pathologies are impaired skin integrity, poor hygiene, overcrowding, humidity and immunodeficiencies.

Respect approach, Moraga-Llop points out that although each treatment depends on the severity of the disease, which usually apply more frequently are ambulatory and can be topical (when the infection is local and small ) or systemic (if it is a more generalized infection). “You can even apply a combination of both if the patient has a chronic disease or are immunocompromised basis”.

The skin infections without systemic symptoms affecting the superficial layers of the skin are usually treated with topical anti – infectives. ” The most common and also the best hedge against common pathogens are mupirocin ointment and cream or ointment fusidic acid. As for systemic treatments, which are more commonly used penicillins (for bacterial infections) or first generation cephalosporins, for staphylococcal infections “explains Moraga- Llop.

“In some cases can be incorporated to these therapies other adjunctive therapies , such as oral antihistamines (in case the patient has pruritus) or topical and / or oral corticosteroids (for eczema). Infections such as abscesses and boils local treatment is applied with drainages and cures “comment to this newspaper sources Infectious Diseases Group AEPap.

In addition to these therapies, experts emphasize the importance of adopting other strategies to both prevent and for daily skin care when they are presented:

“Handwashing and extreme hygiene are two simple gestures that are useful in this regard. It is also important to teach parents how to properly scraped and disinfect wounds, in order to maintain the clean injury , “says Fernando Moraga-Llop.

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