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Cutaneous lymphoma, a rare skin cancer characterized by spots and redness – Correo Farmacéutico – Todo Dermo

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The cutaneous lymphomas are a type of skin cancer rare belonging to the group of non – Hodgkin lymphomas that originate outside the lymph. He explains to TodoDermo Jaime Vilar, a dermatologist and member of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV) on the occasion of World Lymphoma Awareness Day held on Thursday, 15 of September . “There are different types, but cutaneous lymphomas derived from T cells responsible for a specific immune response lymphocytes, are the most common.”

  • The protocol from the pharmacy must be referral to a dermatologist

The most recognizable signs of this disease are ” stains, patches or plaques on the skin , which develop anywhere in the body, whose location depends on the type of cutaneous lymphoma , ” he explains. In some cases, “the patient may have a eritrodermia widespread that occurs when more than 95 percent of the skin is red and scaly.” If these symptoms fatigue, cough or weight loss is added, remember that the protocol from the pharmacy “must be patient referral to the dermatologist’s office.”

Mycosis fungoides, common but difficult to diagnose
This specialist emphasizes the importance of derivation because some types of cutaneous lymphomas, including mycosis fungoides, are very difficult to detect, because the clinical picture may fit with different pathologies: “These patients, lesions are usually slightly scaly spots that appear in areas of skin exposed to the sun just like bathing area , “he says. In his experience, “sometimes you need to perform skin biopsies for years before an accurate diagnosis is made.” This worsens the prognosis “because as the cancer progresses, the disease is complicated”.

In general, the dermatologist says that “cutaneous lymphomas affect more middle – aged men “, but warns that there are bacterial infections and autoimmune diseases “constitute a risk factor regardless of sex and age.”

TREATMENT OF Cutaneous Lymphomas

AEDV indicates that addressing this skin cancer “is based on phototherapy, systemic retinoids, surgery, radiotherapy and sometimes clinical observation if you have a good prognosis.” On the use of retinoids , Vilar clarifies that are derived from vitamin A and can be administered alone or with phototherapy sessions, which improves the life expectancy of patients. “

After overcoming a cutaneous lymphoma expert recommended that the patient perform a normal life and states that does not require any specific pattern of self – care . However, he insists that ” it is vital that patients continue with regular visits to avoid relapses or complications with treatment.”

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