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Daily facial cleansing: the first step to healthy skin

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The facial cleansing is the first step , essential before beginning any facial anti-aging or usual hydration. Wash the face with water alone is not enough because it does not remove the dead cells that live on the surface of our skin. You must find the time to do facial cleansing, transforming it into your daily ritual. Look at it this way: it is a moment for you that you should devote to pamper yourself. Is not that sound good?

There are
triggers that attack your skin every day: makeup, environmental pollution, fat, sweat and dust. It is also important a good rest. According to a recent study by the UH Case Medical Center(Cleveland, Ohio, United States), getting enough sleep is necessary for the body, especially the skin to regain its vitality and can regenerate. All these factors make the pores are clogged and dead cells accumulate in skin , which causes the dermis not breathe and consequently does not have adequate oxygenation. With all this, your skin may lose brightness, blemishes, sagging wrinkles appear and begin to appear.

Facial cleansing is the first step of any treatment before serum, eye, blistering, moisturizing creams or any kind of product.
Thus, if previously clean your face, clogging the pores are removed and the outcome of your facial treatment will be much higher.

Cleaning gives you great
benefits : In

addition, you must consider another factor related to the
frequency of facial cleansing . There are two types: daily and weekly . In this article we will focus on daily.

Is essential

morning cleaning is the basis of daily care, while the night is to remove your skin all impurities with fat base has accumulated during the day, like makeup, lipstick, mascara, protector solar, creams.

double cleansing is not clean the skin twice anyway. Products that complement must be used, and the sum of them reach your skin achieve optimum cleaning.

The products you can use to wash your face daily may differ.
We recommend use micellar products, such as: cleaning micellar solutions, micelle or micellar oil gel. Everything depends on the texture you like to have. You can also combine them according to your cleaning needs. Importantly, morning and evening, book the time to “your ritual”. For
a daily facial cleansing is the first step to healthy skin .

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