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Decalogue for a perfect make-up removal

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It is the basic beauty ritual but many women we forget … desmaquillarse every night is a must to prevent premature aging. With these 10 tips will complete your makeup removal .

Many women spend time in makeup eyes, lips, face … and when night comes, tiredness or laziness prevents them from devoting just 10 minutes are a good desmaquillado needs . But the daily cleaning of the skin, night and morning, is critical to prevent premature aging and other problems (dehydration, dermatitis, acne, redness, lack of brightness …). Two years ago an editor of the Daily Mail was a month without desmaquillarse and experts diagnosed her skin had aged 10 years.

With the collaboration of Dr. Cristina Hoyos , a dermatologist, technical director at Clinics Ceta and expert in aesthetic and therapeutic dermatology and hair treatments (Trichology) and graft FUE hair, we have developed this Decalogue to desmaquillarte correctly .

1. Wash the entire face with a mild soap suitable for your skin type and retire makeup and accumulated dirt. Soaps and cleansing gels may be used interchangeably, whenever you go well. If your skin is very reactive and does not tolerate water , lotions employs cleaners that do not require rinsing .

2. Uses a specific eye makeup remover , non – aggressive. Find products , eliminates makeup water resistant.

3. With a cotton pad impregnated with some cleansing milk eliminates the remains of your lipstick . There are also specific products for removing makeup lips, should be rich in fat micelles not dry lip mucosa, which provide hydration while the remains removed from your lip.

4. After washing your face and towel dry with soft blows, take a disc impregnated cotton micellar water, and remove the remains that have been left on your skin. You can also use a tonic, rather than the micellar water, but it is true that the use of tonic is increasingly is less suitable for oily or mixed, mostly. It is a rich lotion alcohol causes some feeling of tightness due to its astringent property removes excess fat. Instead increasingly micellar water, which helps balance the skin, without any external withdrawn or added component thereof is used.

5. If your skin is oily, use soaps to control excess fat . Avoid using products with high fat content in milk as desmaquillantes, instead, it uses micellar water to remove the mascara and lipstick.

6. If your skin is dry , the soap should have properties that respect the skin barrier and provide extra moisture. The makeup removal milks are perfect for these skins. Likewise, sensitive skin adapted to this condition need not causing irritation products.

7. At night, if that day not you makeup you can do without clean your eyes and lips, just simply wash your face with a suitable soap and then brush the skin with water micellar to ensure we have eliminated all dirt.

8. In the morning you also have to clean the face , although it is not necessary to apply soap . If at night we have applied creams with specific treatments (anti – aging, acne, moisturizing), we must remove the remaining debris passing a cotton pad with some micellar water.

9. The Cleansing wipes usually carry alcoholic substances mixed with more fat in certain types of skin can be harmful. They should be reserved for times when there is no time to conduct a full cleansing ritual.

10. As for the facial brushes are newly introduced instruments that help improve skin cleansing. They should be used a couple of times a week and only in skins that can withstand as there are some very sensitive who can not tolerate these devices. Similarly, the products that have exfoliating properties should be used 1-2 times per week. Intense daily exfoliation can cause skin damage.

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