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Decalogue of tips to get your look right every day

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Decalogue to choose your look every day (and hitting)

1. Prepare your look before you go to sleep, or wake up? And this advice is a question, because neither we agree in writing, nor consulted nor do our experts. Opinions are divided between those who prepared the night before, calmly, because in the morning we are ‘zombies’ no time to waste as you type, the designer our blogger’ Shopping Philosophy ‘ , the’ staff shopper ‘ Jorge Gilarranz . Coohuco ‘ protocol expert Ana Fernandez or former model Mayte Church, Meanwhile, prefer to be inspired by rises in the morning and how is your mood and the truth, it is that they work very well too! 

As we advised the Mayte of the Church , it is essential to review your day’s agenda before choosing your look as it should your clothing style: more or less formal, with possibility of changing the look of tomorrow afternoon just by adding or removing a few accessories and a touch of makeup … and it is not the same to have a day full of meetings, more relaxed one morning of paperwork in the office, or ‘casual Friday’ ends with ‘ afterwork ‘with your classmates. 

Always be ready that wild look that never fails. The basics are essential in any wardrobe and are perfect to exit gracefully (and stylish) these days more we seek in our wardrobe do not find what to wear. Examples? We give them our experts: 

A satre suit with silk blouse ( Dominique ), jeans with white shirt and blazer ( Jorge Gilarranz ,be clear about what our best weapons to highlight certain basic in a color that suits us and a good accessory “and know how to combine.

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