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Decalogue to increase self-esteem

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The self – esteem is defined as the set of feelings and emotions that cause us so much the image we have of ourselves as we think we are (our self – image and our self respectively), as defined from the team of psychologists Q uieretebien.com .  While they are explaining that there is something innate, but is creating and modifying as we grow and live different experiences. So, depending on how we have interpreted and appreciation of these experiences, we also will value ourselves. Why advisors Quieretebien.com propose the following ten tips to make that assessment is positive and thus contribute to improving our self – esteem: 

1. Attitude, attitude, attitude. Like almost everything in life, self – esteem is also a matter of attitude, so we opt to bring up our self – esteem or let it sink irretrievably. The choice is yours, choose well. 

2. Know yourself and then, accept . It must be accepted in order to face our own shortcomings and difficulties rather than deny them, letting them destroy. If we stop the destructive strengthen defenses, we can use the tools we have to get the best of us and the opportunities it gives us life. 

3. Banish any pejorative term to yourself . You listen to yourself talk about you and observe your own thoughts is this how you talk to a friend? Even worse So you talk to someone who you fall badly? Probably you never would talk to anyone with the harshness with which you speak to you yourself. It becomes aware of it and begins to treat more sweetness and understanding. 

4. Remember that … You really are worth! It is as important as knowing what we fail to be aware of our strengths. Not only empower them , but to strengthen confidence in our own internal when facing any situation resources. 

5. Recognize your own successes. How many times a day you give turns to a mistake or gaffe? And something you have done well? Stop beating yourself unlimited for what you do wrong and begins to recognize the things I do well.

6. Do not compare. You’re single, your body is unique, your life and your way is unique. Compare yourself with others will only create insecurity and a false sense of competitiveness towards life. You have nothing to prove and no one to beat except yourself. If you consider fair enough, compare yourself alone with the woman you were yesterday. 

7. Keep a journal. Try it , stand as a goal keeping a journal just for one week you write every night at least two things you’ve done well, you received a compliment or some aspect of you with whom you have especially felt at ease. At the end of the week you will not look in the mirror with the same eyes, you can be sure. 

8. Tell me something nice … and it really . Use your inner language, your thoughts, to strengthen and encourage your self – concept. When you find yourself thinking something negative about yourself, reversed the sentence and repeat it a few times. Listen to yourself say, several times a day, pretty, smart, clever, funny, etc. What are you. 

9. Hop your movie. Imagine a Hollywood producer wants to make a movie of your life and, of course, you’re the protagonist. Think about how would the script, what are the major milestones of it would be and what would be the highlight of the protagonist, what title you give him? 

10. Do not forget to smile. Muscles used to smile are connected with our central nervous system and that each time we smile, liberate a hormone (beta-endorphin) leading to mind the message that all is well. He smiles a lot and let them know your brain and your heart that all is well, including and especially you. 

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