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Dehydration, the biggest punishment of the skin in winter – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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Cold is the great enemy of the skin in winter, the main damage caused in her dehydration and flaking. “Dehydration by cold causes increased dryness and skin more rough. This can cause them to appear cracks, itching, dermatitis and eczema, with the consequent deterioration in their ability to function properly , “argues Luisa Bertomeu, member of Dermopharmacy the COF of Valencia . Furthermore, “diseases such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and rosacea may appear or be aggravated with the effect of cold , ” says Beatriz Saralegui, member of Dermopharmacy the COF of Zaragoza .

But the damage from low temperatures on the skin goes further; In fact, long term, it can accelerate aging, as Saralegui says. And, as also indicated by Bertomeu, surface wrinkles may increase at low temperatures.

  • Winter is the best time to perform intensive facial depigmentation treatments

To act against these changes, experts recommend using moisturisers from late fall and winter. Thus, Bertomeu commitment cosmetics ” containing hydroxy acids, retinol and / or vitamin C “, with which accentuated combat dryness at this time, which is what will make wrinkles more noticeable. These assets, the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV) added glycolic acid .

However, it also warns that intolerant skins “must use relievers, decongestant and vasoconstrictor substances , such as alfabisobolol dexpantenol, butcher’s broom and glycyrrhetinic acid” among others. Dermatologists also mention as a novelty masks and treatments applied in dermatological consultations, such as mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid, “which help hydration in depth”.

For that hydration is effective from the AEDV insists that it should be daily and lanolin – based emollients or urea, which help maintain healthy skin during winter.

Saralegui emphasizes that hydration of the skin in winter should not focus exclusively on the face and the most exposed areas such as the hands or lips, but also in the body and feet. Precisely in moisturizing lips AEDV insists. And, “the labrios suffer much in winter, especially if you have some basic alteration, or actinic cheilitis as atopic”. Why pharmacists and dermatologists reinforce the need to convey the importance of moisturizing lip “with balsams” and “protectors against UV light”.

“The dermatits wear affecting the back of the hands are a frequent motif in queries dermatologists at this time of year affirms the AEDV- especially in people who for professional reasons are repeatedly wash them .” To avoid this , “should promote the use of gloves and barrier creams effect”.

In addition to cosmetics, to consider other measures can help prevent certain problems. Thus, the experts consulted by TodoDermo agree on the importance of avoiding sudden changes in temperature , “because it increases the appearance of dilated capillaries (telangiectasias or spider veins) in the face, especially the cheeks, say dermatologists.

Also the food plays no small part . In fact, he says Saralegui should take “fruits and vegetables in season, many colors, as its high vitamin content helps protect the skin from the cold”. Moreover, the vocal Valencia added to the diet mentioned oral supplement with antioxidant vitamins A, B, C and E , “which, although not reverse aging, do improve the appearance of skin”.

Avoid baths and showers with hot water and warm your hands and feet near the fire are two measures that close the chapter of recommendations for skin care in winter.

Despite the damage to the skin with cold temperatures, not just demonize this time of year. In fact, it is now and not later when to apply certain aesthetic treatments. Elena Tévar Valiente, Dermatologist team Ricardo Ruiz Rodriguez of the International Dermatology Clinic in Madrid, argues that the winter “is the best time to make facial depigmentation treatments intensive , both residential and medical consultation (chemical peels and masks) “. “It is also the best comment for -continued- laser treatments, whether for stain removal, vascular, improve scars or treat skin aging.” Among the reasons that argues stresses that lasers produce skin inflammation and if the person who received it is exposed to sunlight can favor the appearance of post – inflammatory pigmentation.


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