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Depression and skin diseases: a close and bidirectional relationship – Pharmacist Post – All Dermo

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The psicodermatológicas diseases are those caused by skin lesions when the patient is facing stressful situations. He explains to TodoDermo Horacio Foglia, medical director of the clinic Medical Hair in Madrid: “Statistics show that between 19 and 33 percent of the population suffers this type of psychosomatic disorders that may be caused by different factors such as depression , psychosis and / or bipolar disorders. “

  • “Between 19 and 33% of the population suffers such psychosomatic disorders”

Dermatoses have a close relationship with depressive moods range from the appearance of itching and redness in the skin to more complex psychiatric syndromes such as malingering, the pseudoparasitarias disestesias and BDD, according to the Department of Dermatology at Hospital del Mar in Barcelona . According to the center, the first is characterized by self – harm resulting from high levels of anxiety, in the second the patient usually experience chronic itching because he believes to be infected by an imaginary virus, whereas in the latter case, the affected goes to the consultation Dermatology because you think you have a cosmetic defect that does not really exist.

At the other extreme, depression is not always the cause but the consequence of a skin disease as with psoriasis , atopic dermatitis and acne . “There are diseases that can cause permanent or temporary state of depression” emphasizes Foglia. In his view, this association also occurs in people with alopecia where stress can aggravate “hair loss because it causes an alteration in the hair cycle that affects the hair follicles are in the growth phase or anagen and jump directly to the decay phase or telogen “.


To detect whether a skin condition is related to an emotional component, Eduardo Lauzurica, Clinic Dermatology Group Pedro Jaén, headquartered in Madrid, says that “we may suspect that the psychic part plays an important role if the treatments do not have the I expected effect, recurrences are linked to mood, the person is not aware of the improvements, there is overdependence your dermatologist, marked inability to follow the guidelines or if symptoms change constantly mind. “

In this sense, Foglia believes that “the pharmacist is a reference for patients and can help advising a first appointment with your specialist at the time you notice any signs of depression or skin problems without treatment.”





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