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Dermatosis professionals: before eczemas of more than three months, refer to the doctor – Correo Farmacéutico – Todo Dermo

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Skin conditions make up 40 percent of occupational diseases reported in most countries of the European Union (EU), among which skin cancer, contact dermatitis and urticaria. This is indicated to Ana Giménez Arnau TodoDermo, the Department of Dermatology at Hospital del Mar in Barcelona, and professor Course dermatoses professionals, who for seven years organized his department along with the Occupational Health Service Center.

“The cancerous lesions caused by sun exposure unprotected and contact eczemas by substances such as potassium dichromate or exposil resin in the case of construction workers” are the most common pathologies, according to the expert. In his opinion, other sectors affected by contact dermatitisare mechanical, metal carpenters, agricultural professionals, jewelry, florist, pharmaceutical chemistry and cosmetics. On the latter clarifies: “The manufacturing processes are very tight, therefore it is more usual to appear allergic reactions among hairdressers, beauticians, masseurs and physiotherapists because they have direct contact with the products.” Handling during their work explains that “eccemas hands have a high prevalence, about 10 percent in adults.” As an example, Gimenez mentioned “acrylic resins present in the artificial nail and can cause alterations in the skin.”


In his view, prevention must be present at all levels and throughout the year with the use of masks, gloves and ventilation of workspaces . To this the role of the pharmacist, “before eczema that lasts more than three months, you must refer the doctor for it to determine the cause that triggered the outbreak, since a cream can relieve discomfort in a timely manner adds, but not resolve the problem”.

Preventive measures acquire the same dimension in the case of skin cancer. “This disease is the most labor and social impact is in the EU, since in most cases it is caused by cumulative sun exposure , ” he says. As a result, workers who carry out their activity outdoors are more likely to develop basal cell carcinoma or squamous. Other investigations to which hints, “suggest that occupational exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, the benzene and other chemicals used in the printing industry also be associated with an increased risk of skin cancer”. Therefore, along with melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma, some European countries consider as professionals these cancers .


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