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Enjoying just how good our outdoor activity

Good weather is already visible: We open the window and fills us with joy to see so much light, we have kept the heavier coats, it encourages us to go out and schedule outdoor activities, we want to eat on the terraces, cycling, hiking by mountain … with good weather we feel like doing outdoor activities, meet with friends, … I mean, we want to enjoy everything that the many hours of light can provide us. We know that the sun provides many benefits for our health and also contributes to our moods, making us feel happier.

But do we know enjoy the sun safely?


Inadequate exposure to sunlight can cause us, short term, burns, stains, textural changes in the skin and long-term cell damage (caused by alterations of DNA) and premature aging. Our skin has memory and damage accumulated over the years just harming her. So before you leave home to do any outdoor activity, we must consider the use of appropriate blocking according to your skin type and the correct application because incorrectly applied a sunscreen does not protect.

We must apply our sunscreen at home, half an hour before sun exposure. Try to make this part of your ritual preparation before leaving, giving greater attention to the most exposed to sunlight areas such as the face, hands and arms, neck and scalp for people with alopecia and baldness.

But what amount of photoresist must apply for adequate protection?

Half an hour before sun exposure we should have put the photoresist, so it can take effect, no matter where we go.

For proper protection we will have to repeat the procedure every two hours, even after bathing or, if we are doing some physical activity where sudemos, we recommend this renewal each less time, after drying the skin.

I recommend using 2 milligrams of sunscreen per square centimeter of skin. For the whole body are about 30 ml of photoresist each time. If we seek an equivalence would be like a cup of coffee. In the face we apply the equivalent of half a spoonful of dessert of sunscreen.

After meeting application times, amounts and mode of use, we must also take into account:

1 -Avoid scrub hard skin during application of sunscreen.

2- Avoid using products such as perfumes and colognes. With the Sun these products can react and cause stains.

3- Avoid chemical peels and / or physical aggressive before exposure to the sun.

4- Avoid skin lightening serums acid in the summer months.

5- Avoid sun exposure if you are taking photosensitizing medications or phototoxic.

6- The sunscreen should be used even on cloudy days.

If you have tattoos or sensitive areas such as scars or keloids, we must protect these areas in particular, by applying a specific maximum photoprotection for this area as Ladival ® tattooed skins SFP50 as this area is more prone to smearing, to discolor, to dry out, lose elasticity and firmness …

The sun’s rays and altitude exposure

Obliquity of the rays of the sun and the horizon, depends on several factors: the latitude, time of day and season. The amount of UV radiation that comes to earth also depends on the angle between the sun’s rays with the receiving surface.

When the sun is near the horizon, the radiation travels a long path through the atmosphere, so that less UV rays reach the surface of the earth and when the sun is at the top, its rays have less road cross and fall with greater intensity on the surface of the earth.

The radiation reaching the Earth is divided into three;

UVA: penetrate deep into the skin to the dermis, which generates free radicals that cause cellular alterations and premature aging and also can cause cancer. It has the ability to pass through the glass and is responsible for the immediate tan.

– UVB: penetrate into the epidermis, less deeply than UVA. It causes redness and burns. We get a tan slowly and are necessary for the synthesis of vitamin D.

– IR-A: The Infrared Radiation-A, it is able to penetrate into the deeper skin layers. Hypodermis. It causes premature skin aging accelerating oxidation of this. Loss of collagen, elasticity and consequently deep wrinkles.

The hours we should avoid exposure to the sun

Especially during the summer months, we should avoid exposing the skin directly to the sun between 12 and 16 hours because the intensity of solar radiation is high and can cause burns and sunstroke. At these times the sun is at its most perpendicular to the ground than at other times of the day, so the UV rays are most intense point and can cause more damage.

How to care for the skin after a day of sun exposure?

At the end of the day, returning home after a day of outdoor activity, our body asks us a rest. It is very important to repair and rehydrate the skin that has been exposed to the Sun, to keep it in good condition, keep getting tan-gold tone we all want at this time of year. After sun exposure, skin cell damage accumulates and therefore, a good protector will make these damages are less aggressive.

How to repair cell damage tanned skin?

We can make a mini regenerating body treatment with Ladival Hydrating summer, which will help restore the moisture balance of the skin, keeping the skin with the right moisture, restoring the lost water. And continuing our remedial treatment in the face we can use the sun Sérum post of Ladival, because it contains Photolyase, panthenol, provitamin B5 and Vitamin E and has moisturizing and antioxidant properties. This serum will help us accelerate the repair of DNA damage our cell, after sun exposure. In addition our skin calm, avoid the feeling of tightness and provides freshness. The skin has memory. Taking preventive measures is essential to enjoy just how good the sun. After this care can go to bed with the certainty of having enjoyed the day and the only memories you have of the day are the photos taken with your camera. 


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