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If the dermofarmacia is characterized by something is the value of the pharmaceutical advice in dispensing a cosmetic and individualization of that advice. Do imply, according to experts, an interview with the user to meet their needs, and surround yourself with the latest technology to support that advice. And this is where the dermoanalizadores come into play.

Are devices that can be measured, in a simple and immediate results, different parameters of the skin, including hydration, sebum and pigmentation. Thus, “it facilitates the treatment recommendation and allows you to track changes in the skin and effectiveness of cosmetics”, as pointed out to TodoDermo Miren Arana, forming brand dermoanalizadores Microcaya. Used well and if you can takes full advantage, this device could “help increase sales of cosmetics in the pharmacy” through customer loyalty and service differentiation.

A pharmacy that has a dermoanalizador is that of Maria Luisa Lorente Galán in Madrid, where Arana explains their functions and how to use them.

Specifically, the MDS 1000, model comprises a probe hydration, elasticity and pigmentation, sebum and a cartridge chamber.

Individually, each probe results can be displayed in two ways: numerically, on a scale of one to 100, and graphically by a line illuminates more or less proportion; for example, the elasticity will be higher the route of the line is illuminated. In both cases it reflected if the analyzed value is too high or low. For hydration if reaches 100 it is that the skin is very hydrated.

1. Probe hydration: measures the degree of skin hydration. To do this the probe is placed on the skin and instantly displayed on the results screen. On the line graph displayed values are represented by the symbol of two less (very dehydrated skin), less (tendency to dehydration) or seen (well hydrated). Thus facilitates advice and know how to choose whether to recommend a serum, a moisturizing cream or other. Okay for the face to any body parts like hands.

2. Cartridge fat: indicates if the skin is dry, oily or combination through the symbols less seen and more. For a correct result Arana Miren explains to do two measurements: one in the T – zone (forehead and nose) and another in the U (cheeks and chin). The result appears in ten seconds. If measurements T and U out different results means that is a combination skin.

3. Probe pigmentation: has a double functionality. First serves to recommend appropriate solar factor and the probe is placed in the less exposed area to the sun (eg forearm). The result is obtained depending on the concentration of melanin, so if instead of a white area is made in the face, dermoanalizador recognizes more recommended concentration and a lower SPF.
Secondly, it serves to control spots and see if your pigmentation has varied over time.

4. Probe elasticity: indicates whether the patient’s skin has sufficient elasticity to age or not. It is positioned in the eye area , near the cheek bone, and measured suction takes about six seconds. The results must be analyzed with a table comparing the age and the appropriate level of elasticity. For example, a person between 20 and 30 must obtain an elasticity of approximately 70 to be considered normal. Those over 60 should get more than 40 values.

5. Camera: is used to obtain images of skin, nails and scalp and see any stains expanded form (shape, color, evolution, among other features). In the case of hair you can see if there is flaking, lice or dandruff. Arana adds that using strips whereby samples of skin with the camera can be viewed corneocytes and determine, for example, if there are many dead cells and is necessary to exfoliate before applying a product to penetrate better and effective.

Although you can use some users occasionally by the way, to get the most out of dermoanalizador, the expert recommends Microcaya record all parameters of a client on your computer to monitor developments. For a complete analysis estimated time should be devoted to each customer is between 20 to 25 minutes.

In specific cases, spend a few minutes is sufficient and can be, for example, to take advantage of promotions. “If we bought a laboratory a game of -comenta creams hands Arana and put on offer, we place the team on the counter and everyone that we put the probe between hydration in hand”. According to securities giving we can recommend the cream. ” To do this it takes a minute.”

It also suggests offering a skin test at least once in every season, since these products are not used in summer than in winter.


Questioned by the use of this technology in people with any skin condition, the expert notes that can be used without problem in any skin type, have a disease or not. “The device does not pose any harm, all it does is the type of skin a person has, how much fat and what you need. With the camera you can see eczema or alteration. While there are diseases that must be diagnosed by a dermatologist then it is derived. But you can always give a pharmaceutical advice with confidence “.

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