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Diet and exercise: What things to eat before and after a routine

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The parties are over and it ‘s back to the routine, so it ‘s a good idea to start off this 2014 is to regain fitness and sports activities we did until a few days ago. However, do not go crazy: avoid diets extreme , but the goals you want to achieve with the exercise will not be met.

To guide you in this way “reintegration to normal ,
” we show what things you eat before exercising and how you should do to optimize your physical performance, according to the advice delivered by the site
CNN Spanish .
If the
first thing you do in the morning is do – not exercise more than an hour and did not suffer from fatigue,

you can skip breakfast and eat after performing your routine . Some people prefer dawn without appetite and do other things before. While it is not recommended, if you can do because the body stores enough glycogen (the molecules that store long – term energy in the body) since the last meal the night before, so there is pent – up energy.

Of course,
after doing sports you need to eat breakfast no further than 30 or 40 minutes later and it must combine carbohydrates and proteins , but not too many. “With exercise our body is constantly degraded, needs to be replaced, and proteins that help , ” says Carol Kelly, a nutritionist at Emory University in Atlanta.

Some options you can try to have a balanced breakfast are:

Greek -Yoghurt and an apple
-Humus and whole grain crackers

While some people have the ability to perform activities without gravitating need to eat, carbohydrates are essential to have good performance in sports and in the workplace.
“Carbohydrates are the fuel for our body and our brain. If you think of your metabolism like a campfire, carbohydrates are the fuel that makes the garment fire , “Kelly explains.

According to
the expert, ideally before sports person consumes
one composed of food carbohydrates , which should be quality-, lean protein and heart -healthy fats.

Meanwhile, if you are one
of those women who can only exercise in the afternoon or after work, some examples of lunch you should include in your diet should be similar to these:

-A turkey sandwich and a serving of fruit
-Pasta of whole grain with tomato sauce, low – fat
-A salad with grilled chicken

exercise delivers many benefits to our body, including the secretion of endorphins that make -hormones be with more courage and we feel happy- and It is generating improvement in our quality of life and our state of
mind. However,
one of the few negative effects that sport has on us is that it makes generate free radicals .

Free radicals are molecules that are produced when the body breaks down
cells, and this may damage it . Therefore, the best choice to help our body to get rid of them is to
eat lots of fruits and vegetables . Salads, apple, mushrooms, onions, even vegetable sauces are good choices to consume during the day, according to specialist Emory University.

If you
perform exercises for more than 60 minutes a day, it is important to
increase your intake of carbohydrates and protein for your body is not weakened to burn as many calories.

If the
first thing you do in the morning is eat breakfast and you do sports,
eat something light , like a cereal, toast, a glass of milk or yoghurt, but do not skip it because you need “fuel” to work.

If usually perform very intense and extensive disciplines, you should incorporate into your diet some kind of
sports drink . Consúmelo while you exercise, but notice they have between 6 and 8% carbohydrate-electrolyte solution so you can reach your goal. This will hydrate and give energy to reach the final.

‘In contrast, if you’re a person who does routines “average” like most people- the
water it is a good way to keep you hydrated during the day and while you exercise.

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