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Differences between emollient and moisturizing creams – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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An emollient cream and moisturizer have a common goal: to treat dry skin. Moisturizers are used to supply water to the skin and moisture regain. But the emollients have added use: they are a plus hydration recommended for skin with extreme dryness, often with a skin disease such as atopic dermatitis, ichthyosis, psoriasis, eczema and skin diseases enrolled with xerosis and pruritus. In psoriasis they have a fundamental role for its soothing, antipruritic and phototherapy coadyudantes action.

  • If it is a skin without conditions it may suffice with a single daily moisturizer

Emollients assets in
assets that allow these skins are calm, as Gemma Marquez, Iderma dermatologist clinic in Barcelona, notes sodium lactate, urea, allantoin and special amino acids , among others.

“When an outbreak of any of these diseases, a corticosteroid as treatment is applied. Then spread throughout the skin emollient creams or lotions that prevent new outbreaks , “said Maria Luisa Bertomeu, member of Dermopharmacy the COF of Valencia .

“It is often used throughout the body, but especially focusing on the critical areas of disease,” says Marquez.

emollients provide extra hydration that do not need healthy skins, for which it is best moisturizer.

“People with dry skin or menopausal women themselves can use them, ” Bertomeu said. The same opinion is Marquez: ” If it is a skin without conditions can suffice with a single daily moisturizer and, when in doubt, it is always best to consult a dermatologist.”

For skins with some pathology should take into account the type of emollient recommended. Marquez explained that there are two types:

1. Hydrophilic emollients: are characterized by their moisturizing action.

2. Lipophilic: keep attached to the stratum corneum by the formation of an oil emulsion water.?

Currently, “there is more demand to fluid emollients, rapidly absorbed, less viscous and less greasy” he says.

When applying, do Márquez recommended after bathing, as they penetrate better. ” They can be used once or several times a day, depending on each patient , ” recalls dermatologist.

But not all are always benefits. Vowel indicates possible undesirable effects of the product, such as skin irritation, particularly prevalent in atopic dermatitis .

“Certain emulsifiers, such as sodium lauryl sulfate, are irritating, particularly at concentrations greater than 1 or 2 percent” indicates Bertomeu.

Also be careful with the expiry of the cosmetic . “By opening an emollient, it comes into contact with external factors that can damage it . Is indicated on the packaging after opening the period, indicating the months that we can continue using the emollient in perfect condition after opening , “recalls Marquez.

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