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Discover the disastrous consequences of not cleaning your face at night

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Many times we are not the time for removing make our face before going to sleep. We have a lot of sleep, it gives us lazy, or just give us the same. Total, the next day we wash our face and we started well again. It turns out that not desmaquillarse at night can bring quite serious consequences for our skin.

The average British journalist
Daily Mail , Anna Pursglove , took the challenge of not desmaquillarse for a month , to see what happened to his face. But the results were disastrous.

Anna continued putting on
makeup as usual, but only wiped her face with water during the daily shower. To register your change, leaned experts center
Cosmetic 3D Imaging Studio.
The first change that Anna felt on her skin, was that
he was much drier than usual . On the other hand, after the first week without removing makeup, her friends told her that he looked very tired. Her eyelashes, meanwhile, began to stick , so applying the mask became a more difficult task.
On one occasion, Anna has awakened in the
middle of the night with one eye badly swollen, so much so that we hardly could open. When he asked an optician, he said , it could be the effect of a painted tab, which fell into his eye.
As I continued with the experiment,
she saw its clogged pores, especially in the area of the nose, and how corners formed around his mouth and eyes.
At the
end of the month, Anna realized that her skin was extremely dry, like her lips, and her face was several years older. In addition, the veins on his face looked busted, and she felt very tired.
Clean the face it does not have to be a “Cacho”.
In fact, there are many ways to do this without spending so much time in front of the mirror.
On the
one hand, there are up removal wipes , which can be found in various price ranges on the market. Some are specific to each type of skin, but anyway I recommend applying a moisturizer before bedtime.
There are
also soaps cleaning, ideal for oily skin, which will improve the look of your pores without over wetting the account.
Cleansing gel are also a good choice, as they leave a very neat finish on his face. You can also find specific varieties for each type of skin.

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