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Change our hair allows us to vary our style, as well as feel more beautiful and unique. Cristian Delgado tells us, Artistic Director of Hairdressers Palumbo : “Chilean women are more daring with color, mainly because they want to personalize your style and not be like the others, but keeping the naturalness”.

Dyeing styles this season will be will be associated with the natural as are the Californian wicks,
balayages , which are techniques with a natural effect on all hair is not involved. “This season hair colors should not have more than two or three shades of difference with the overall color of the customer” , explains Cristian Delgado.

Hues that are imposed are the contrasts of warm colors with cold, which seeks to
create an effect of light and shadow.

s sometimes have us what color we recommend you change your hair, considering its natural tone. Cristián Delgado us what the specific tone that every woman should apply to not have major problems and achieve a natural style.
Blondes: golden tones, brown with soft reflections ashes.
Chestnuts: golden brown effects, mahogany brown slightly warm.
Redheads: Ideally for them are the coppery highlights, you mahogany with brown effects.

You should consider that when dyeing your hair this will have special needs because they can dry, the expert recommends
“always keep hydrated and nourished, for this there are products with antioxidant vitamins and nano molecules that penetrate easier in the hair and stay longer.”

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