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Have you ever wondered how long a mascara, a base powder or lipstick? Most likely not. Because most women usually keep our cosmetics to finish them completely, or are you going to deny that your mascara regalón you squeeze it dry until the middle is?

Well, now you
should know that these products need to be renewed more quickly, since
vanquished become not only useless, but we also can lead to health problems.

So we spoke to a specialist and investigate
 how long each type makeup and creams that usually carry in our cosmetiquero.

Believe it or
the mascara last only three months.We know this is a terrible news for many and we are going to occupy slowly.

Slogan that time a note published by
the US site Huffington Post , which also includes a comprehensive table on the useful life of our products personal care and makeup.
“The mascara, compact powders, bases and brushes over time accumulate dirt and must be renewed. These products hygiene is critical , said meanwhile the Bicentennial Clinic infectologist Sheyla Jimenez.

In addition,
bacteria that cause conjunctivitis and sties are housed in what rather tube mascara assured us expert, so it must be replaced at the right time.

We love using our
makeup brushes or sponges. However,
we have super note that you should always be washing them after use and are not eternal.

A sponge, in fact, lasted just three months, while
a brush must be renewed every three years.

The same applies to other tools you use in the day to beautify, such as
vegetable sponge with which you rinse in the shower, which only has a shelf life of 3 weeks and shavers, you should not keep more beyond the month.

Another product that sometimes remain longer than necessary are
creams both body and face and more specific: antiacne, wrinkle, etc.

The first should follow not using beyond two years, as sunscreens, which fall into the same category, while
creams face last a year.

Meanwhile, more specific issues, such as
the anti – acne, only last three months, because their components are losing effectiveness.

In any case, nowadays
many brands have incorporated into their packaging a logo that indicates the expiration date, which is composed of a symbol and numbers that indicate the number of months that the product.

So if you
notice that
your cream or makeup have changed in appearance or even have a somewhat strange smell , do not use them .
” They could produce skin irritation or allergic reactions , says infectious disease specialist , warning that cosmetics should not be shared.
“Can generate bacterial pathogen infections of the skin or fungal infections or virus, as happens with the lip, which may trigger, for example, transmission of herpes labialis” warns.
La Para Ti magazine selected some tips to keep your product in good condition , they are never others.

The bath is less suitable place to store them , because the moisture and heat accelerate deterioration. So try to keep them in a cool dry place, and even some in the refrigerator, such as your lip, so that will not melt in summer.

-saves all tightly closed, since
the air just get your products spoil more quickly.

Ideal to keep one type cosmetiquero trunk with several compartments that keep mixing things or break.

Never mix a new product with an old one, or you can think moisten brushes with saliva or eyeliners, since bacteria from the mouth may cause you an infection.

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