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DIY spray “tea” to beautiful face Valentine (Part 2)

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                From that time, we have been advised to spray water and green tea.
Try to use it or not. If I try and try to see what it is. Talk to me That is what … In this section We are introduced to the benefits of each type of tea to get to know each other. As an alternative for people who want to DIY spray Page, Limited Edition for us alone! It will focus on the flower tea here. The smell of the girls would like


a spray of white tea, white tea is tea that has >> antioxidants highest.
Spray white tea to help slow down aging as well.


Spray peppermint tea (mint) >> Hydrates the skin look more radiant.
(This recipe is Jessica Alba was using it)


spray tea Chamomile Oil >> relieve eye swelling.
Reduce irritation of the skin rash, hives, inflammation, wound healing effect.


Spray water lilies
(Petals and stamens) >> skin or inhibit the enzyme tyrosinase, which is a common cause of skin blemishes and helps skin to look healthy. Younger Helps tighten pores And make the skin smooth and soft


Spray orchids >> tea to hydrate the skin.
It is anti-oxidant that helps fight free radicals. And delay aging


Spray tea roses >> anti-aging, reduce wrinkles, reducing roughness of the skin.
They solve blister blister Ideal for sensitive skin


Spray Jasmine Tea >> Perfect for all skin types.
It works well for dry skin. Keeps the skin moist shine bright


Spray Chrysanthemum Tea >> jungle with high antioxidant.
When applied to the face and body to slow aging or anti wrinkle skin.


Spray lavender tea >> antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, healing skin irritation.
Impetigo is good


Spray Tea >> marigolds are high in antioxidants.
Help delay aging or anti wrinkle skin. Gives a beautiful bright Wrinkle scar Makes skin smooth Inflammation of the skin


Hold the spray about 20 cm away from your face.

I close my eyes and then spray to the face as needed

, wait 3-4 seconds for spray sold in the market.
(To hold it)

in the case of a DIY spray bottle to spray 2-4 times as appropriate.

Allow to dry hands or pat the spray penetrates the skin slowly.


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