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Do it yourself: An idea to order accessories, by Carolina Roco

In Hair Care Tips

With the mass production of clothing, garments have become homogeneous. They are designed and manufactured for a mass of people without differentiation. That is why the accessories have become a fundamental part of each. Better yet, a personal touch to our outfits.

Accessories I love.
They talk about us and can be a great tool if we give them a proper use. The problem is that the more you love, the more you gain. Rings, bracelets, necklaces, scarves, everyone starts to accumulate and over time do not lose them and know exactly how many we have become a difficult task.

So this time I will leave an idea so they can order bracelets, rings and earings stuck.

Step 1: Materials.

This time I used two standard boxes sold in supermarkets.
Ideally , one can get inside the other. These material remains as an option for everyone. While I used plastic, you might as well recycle cardboard boxes.

Secondly, we
need eva rubber. Choose the color you like. To work with this material need scissors and tape. Step 2: The rubber eva
The first action is to
take the smallest box and measure its width. Then we cut the rubber eva several rectangles with long you want (about 15 cm well) and the width of the box.
When you
have all rectangles must roll up, not to disarm, I recommend affirm them with tape or elastic hair. Step 3: Collect rolls
When all the rolls are ready, put side by side within the smallest box.
It is important that there are very tight, so that the space between them you can put your accessories. Step 4: Order your accessories
What I did was this time put in the larger box all bracelets that I have, while in the upper half of the smallest box put the rings and lower rings, rubber eva will to allow entrapment.

Then I put a box inside the other and voila!
In addition, the box I chose a lid, which facilitates security.
I invite you to continue enjoying the accessories will surely more out them out knowing where they are and how many they have.



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