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Today we have great tips to tell the girls that are having this problem. And wanted to find a way to the ankles and a black back and soft-looking, with an easy way to do it at home too
1. Soak your feet, ankles by flooding for about 5 minutes to make the skin soft
2. a slice of lemon or tamarind scrub gently wrap around the ankles and leave it for about 2-3 minutes of mild fruit acid in the lemon juice. or tamarind The cells are frozen softened. And stimulates skin cell renewal. The skin around the ankles, white This can be done as often as needed
3. Scrub away dead skin cells around the ankle with 5 minutes per side or powdered herbs, salt, sugar, coarse grinding.
If the skin is very thick and stiff ankles. Soak your feet in soapy water Then scrub with a loofah repeat Or foot scrub brush Then rinse with clean water.
4. Use a dry cloth to wipe the surface. Then apply a cream, lotion or massage the skin around the ankles with oil or petroleum jelly to moisturize the skin. It also gives the skin a rough, hard, soft or
5. Avoid the jibe area. To prevent the skin to dry. Rough and dark Another problem is the very heart comes with a padded seat, if we have to sit on the floor. To avoid offending direct contact with the ground. And wear socks to put on a coat or shoes to wear while walking around the ankles.

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