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Do you have dry skin? Learn to protect it this summer

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Dry skin needs special care, especially in summer, when it is much more sensitive and tends to dehydrate more.  If you have this skin type, check the advice you give, then, so you can give the care you need.
Dr. Alejandra Rios, medical director of Central Klinic gave us different care we must have with our skin during the summer and that people with dry skin should always have.
1. If you are using moisturizing cream or serum, we suggest that are fluid  and mainly based on hyaluronic acid, ceramides, glycerin, sorbitol and lecithin. Apply these products several times a day for best results.
2.About moisturizers should always apply sunscreen to dry skin , dermatologic ideally every two or three hours, although it is within the home or office. While the blocker for the face should be fluid in the body you can use thicker products.
3. Cleaning should be gentle and products created for sensitive skin, such as hot water or rose water. If you have bathed at the beach or pool, it is best to wash your face quickly, this because chlorine and sea salt damage the skin.
4. At night, after cleaning , it is advisable to apply a regenerating cream with moisturizing vitamins and specific products. The same should be done in the eye area .
5. In the body, it is advisable to apply creams to retain moisture of the skin. such as those containing shea butter and almond oil , which must be applied immediately after leaving the shower, so that the power of absorption of the cream even more powerful.
6. In the face may apply natural masks , whether based on avocado, olive oil, honey, yogurt and egg. Leave on for 20 minutes, having previously made a gentle cleansing of the skin.
7. If the skin is sensitive it is better not to use exfoliants , even if they are soft.

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